Northview High School (Faith Hill)

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Date(s) - 08/06/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Brute and Splinter

Northview High School



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  1. Joe LeBlanc
    Joe LeBlanc says:

    8/6/18 “The Substitute”
    Q – Splinter
    PAX – Hedgehog, Trinity, Mr Belding, Glitch, Mickey, Ollie, Kitty, Mole, Zebra, Mayor, Ozzie, Cogsworth, Motorboat, Springs, Ticket, Jimmy Dean, Link, Splinter

    YHC was filling in for a fellow F3 brother who was on the mend. it was a welcomed opportunity step in and lead at the legendary Faith Hill. Truth be told it was a rough night sleeping with a bit of anxiety of not having a full plan put together. However as it usually works out, things came together on a brief morning walkthrough of the AO. The PAX as always never disappoints and showed up ready to work.

    5 Core Principles and a quick get well for Klinger as we’re praying for a speedy recovery.

    -SSH IC x25
    -High Knees and Butt Kicks to warm up the legs (~1 minute total)
    -Quick Mosey serpentining the hill…ran around the tree at end of driveway, light pole heading towards bridge, and then continued to serpentine around light pols at top of faith hill and running to the bottom and back up.

    The Thang:
    We circled up on the goal line of the practice field:
    -WMD’s IC: x30 (1 merkin is 1 rep)
    -Suicides on the field (20 yard line ,40,60,80,90)

    -Klinger Kicks IC x50 (4 is 1)
    -Suicides on the field (20 yard line ,40,60,80,90)

    -Copperhead Squats x35
    -Mosey to bottom of the hill (5 Hill runs)

    -Mosey to top of the hill and line up along school building on sidewalk
    -Dirty Hookups x30 IC w/ some holds on 15 and 30

    -Mosey back to top of the hill
    -Run to bottom of the hill…bear crawl to hash mark, backpedal to side line and run back up the hill.
    -Run to bottom of the hill to hash mark and bear crawl to sideline, then run back up the hill.

    -Run to the bootom of the hill all the way to the sideline, backpedal to hash mark and bear crawl back to sideline, then run back up the hill.

    -Partner up for some quick Mary: 50 Partner Big Boy Sit-ups (50 each)

    COT – Prayer Intentions, Prayers for hope and strength to get through times of challenge and adversity.

    GTKT6 – Ollie – shared with us his experience in Carolina. Great hearing about the F3 brotherhood and how it carries to other regions.

    Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning men! An honor as always.



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