Faith Hill (Northview HS)

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Date(s) - 08/19/2019
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Northview High School


boot camp, Sylvania

Affectionately coined Faith Hill since it is one of the few hills in Toledo area. Bootcamp style workout that typically takes advantage of the hill during the 45 minute beatdown.

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  1. Brita
    Brita says:

    PAX — gadget mole cogsworth Trinity Tupac rubble jeter bubbles Pixar Tidwell Smails Johnny Mickey Brute Colonel rambus Bullock tucky Minnie sipe Ollie link

    Q — Brita

    5 core principles
    F3 Mission

    The Thang:
    IC — SSH, Klinger Kicks, Merkins, Imperial Walkers — 20 per exercise

    Mosey to back of school.
    5 Cones set 15 yards apart

    1st Set — Bear Crawl to every cone then sprint back and complete exercise
    1st cone 10 burpees
    2nd cone 20 Merkins
    3rd cone 30 BB sit ups
    4th cone 40 squats
    Then go pick up a PAX still putting work in

    2nd Set — Frog jump to every cone and complete same exercises at every cone

    3rd Set — Suicides to every cone and complete same exercises at eatery cone

    60 yard bear crawl
    IC Klingers (30) Merkins (10) Merkins (10)

    Mosey back to SF

    COR 23
    The 6 — Jeter — F3 has flipped his wellness and fitness plan upside down. Would not complete his current goals w\o the help and support of the PAX. Check

    COT — For Chapo Grande and to live the mission, our US Military and those struggling

    Respect. Check.



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