Ottawa Park Ruck (Caddyshack)

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Date(s) - 02/26/2019
5:15 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Ottawa Park @ Toledo Police Museum


ruck, Toledo

Tuesday morning ruck starting in parking lot of Toledo Police Museum. 2201 Kenwood Blvd, Toledo, OH 43606

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  1. Scrooge
    Scrooge says:

    The Hunt for the Great Caddyshack Sherpa
    Pax: Rocko, Bluto, Dauber, Wolfgang, John Henry, Mailman, Scrooge
    Q: Scrooge

    3.38 Mile Ruck
    16:37 Mile 1
    16:21 Mile 2
    17:20 Mile 3

    Quite the entertaining ruck as always out at Caddyshack. With the addition of Bluto in need of some WC points mumblechatter was at it’s finest. Around the first mile or 15 minutes in Mailman started to bust my balls about the route. Typical Mailman move if somebody isn’t complaining then the Q isn’t doing there job. We took a quick walk by the Veterans memorial at UT and then made our way past the Mayors house. While walking 7 wide down the streets of Dauber’s Hood, Toledo’s finest stopped to see if we were ROTC…. I’m sure he was more disappointed to see Middle aged men carrying a flag through a neighborhood. Crazy enough Bluto knew the 5-0 and has been trying to EH him out to a workout for a while, which strangely enough ended the conversation after that realization was made. We hustled our way back and made it back at 6:15 to slip and slide our way on the roads home. Always an honor to lead.


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