Pride Rock (Pacesetter Park)

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Date(s) - 11/16/2022
7:00 pm - 7:45 pm

The Q:

Sylvania Pacesetter Park


boot camp, Sylvania

Bootcamp Style Workouts.  Lots of lands and lots of possibilities. Meet near field #4 by the gazebo.


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  1. Trojan
    Trojan says:

    An Evening With Trojan

    Pax(6): Gadget, Speedo, Jake the Snake, Simmons, Goose, Trojan (Q)

    Warmup: Alternating sets of Merkins and SSHs in cadence…2 Merkins, 5 SSHs…4 Merkins, 10 SSHs…up to 10 and 25.

    Thang: Tabata workout with each cycle consisting of eight 20-second rounds of PT with 10 second recovery between each round. PT included: 1) alternating lunge with calf raise, 2) scissor/leg lift combo, 3) stump hugger/shoulder tap combo, 4) inchworm with a merkin, 5) side to side squat, 6) crunchy frog/American hammer. Active recovery in between rounds was SSHs or windmills in cadence. Finished up with 10 merkins in cadence.

    CoT: Trojan was the 6 and spoke about not just praying to a higher power but taking action to make things happen. We need both our creator and our own actions to move forward. Announcements included Christmas party on 12/17 and F3 Accelerate campaign. Prayers of thanks for the ability to get out and get after it and for all those suffering in the world.


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