Pride Rock (Pacesetter Park)

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Date(s) - 01/29/2020
7:30 pm - 8:15 pm

The Q:

Sylvania Pacesetter Park


boot camp, Sylvania

Bootcamp Style Workouts.  Lots of lands and lots of possibilities. Meet near field #4 by the gazebo.


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  1. Trojan
    Trojan says:

    Get Your Roll On
    The Pax (18):
    -Trojan (Q); Brita; Trinity; Splinter; Link; Snake; Mr. Belding; Otto; Pacer; Nails; El Chapo; Mickey; Pixar; Goose; Ozzie; Simmons; Beaker; Bagels
    -Jog out 24 yards and back mixing in the following: butt-kickers, high knees, side shuffle, backward run, and sprint on each out and back.
    -SSHs (x15)
    Tha Thang:
    Moves corresponded to numbers on a die. 1= Klinger Kicks; 2= Squat Jacks; 3= Big Boi Situps; 4= Merkins; 5= Side Tri Rise; 6= Burpees. All sequences consisted of 8 reps.
    Pax were lined up on the long side of a rectangle (24×48 yds) and alternated rolling the die. The roller then called out the exercise and the cadence before completing the rectangle course which consisted of a 24 yd sprint, 48 yd side shuffle (changing lead leg halfway), and 24 yd bear crawl before rejoining the line.

    Pacer was the 6 and spoke about learning that he does not always have to be the lead dog in every endeavor from his experiences participating in beatdowns and being led by others. Prayer intentions included Splinter’s grandmother, Simmons’s cousin, Pixar’s co-worker, and Mickey asking for patience and understanding. Adjourned to Tekela for 2nd F.
    2nd F Attendance (15): Trojan (Q); Brita; Trinity; Splinter; Link; Snake; Mr. Belding; Pacer; Nails; El Chapo; Mickey; Goose; Ozzie; Beaker; Bagels


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