The Wall (Riverside Park)

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Date(s) - 08/01/2019
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Riverside Park


boot camp, Perrysburg

Boot camp style workout. On the River. Amazing way to watch the sun come up and start the day with sweat pouring over your rejuvenated soul. Some ramps, lots of steps, a little concrete, a little grass, all the fixens for beautifully scripted beatdown!

Best Parking is on Cherry Street. **Please be considerate when you park on the side streets, keep the Mumblechatter at a minimum out of respect for the residents.**


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  1. Ryan Wilson
    Ryan Wilson says:

    08-01-19 Shark Week “The Wall”
    PAX: MileHigh, Spaulding, Flo, CrabLegs, FNG Percy, Flubber, Ticket, Huckleberry, Bourbon, Bambi, Tupac, Isosceles, Jennay, Ponzi and the Q: Haz-Mat

    15 PAX found their ferocity as we circled upon the wall into this “beatdown feeding frenzy”!

    We started the morning with Silent 21’s the Q knew at least 1 PAX would not be able to hold the at the end of the “super secret” cadence and the would choose that Pax to pick the style of music we would have during our workout. Come to find out the Q was right although there were 3 PAX who could bot gold the line. A vote ensued between these three PAX to see if we would have our Tabata work out this morning to Rock or Hip- Hop, 2 voted Rock and 1 voted Hip – Hop so the workout began with some face melting guitar and angry screaming to inspire our bodies to get to the next level.

    We began circling the park area between four stations in tabata style 40 sec on 20 sec off. Each station had 3 different workouts to be completed 40 sec on and 20 sec off for each excersise until the 3 minutes was complete at that station. Then we had 30 sec. to get to the next station where we found the next three excersises to be completed over the next 3 minutes. As we got through all 4 stations it was a circle of repeato.

    Station One:
    1. Dips: 40 sec. on 20 sec. rest
    2. Box Jumps / Step Ups: 40 sec. on 20 sec. off
    3. Hello Dollies 40 sec. on 20 sec. off
    Station Two:
    35# Kettle Bell Station
    1. Swings 40/20
    2. One Leg Dead Lifts 40/20
    3. Squats 40/20
    Station Three:
    1. Merkins 40/20
    2. LBC’s 40/20
    3. Plank 40/20
    Station Four:
    1. Was a 3 minute run up the ramp and down the stairs no rest. Most PAX made 3 laps within those 3 minutes
    Then repeato back to Station One.

    We only had about 6 HC’s the morning of the workout but we had 15 PAX show up. I completely get why we dont always HC but as HIM we need to realize that there is another HIM trying to plan a workout and knowing how many men are going to be there is very helpful. For those that dont want to HC we will always adapt and all will be welcomed with open arms but for those that dont HC (including myself here) we need to ask ourselves, why we are not HCing? Is it that we are afraid of personal failure or being held accountable to that personal failure? Either way we dont get better without experiencing both of these things. The Jester tells you the easy path here is the best and we all know the easier path gets little growth. If we are leaders we must learn from our failures and the only way we can do that is to accept our failure share it and be inspired by those around us getting better and failing as well. We are not alone in our failure nor in our successes and when we find ourselves alone in these circumstances, our failures and successes take on a life and get bigger than they should.

    No HC = No Accountability.
    If that’s what you think is best for you please proceed down that path and God has blessed us to have workouts in our areas no matter what. I for one am accepting this challenge to get better here, I would be blessed by your attention and accountability please dont hesitate to call me out.

    Ended with COR, NOR and Prayer.

    Welcome FNG Jerry “Percy” Yoder


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