Rolf Park (Field of Dreams)

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Date(s) - 09/19/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Rolf Park



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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Rolf Park (Field of Dreams)
    Q – Hedgehog
    PAX (16) – Mile High, Gepetto, Bubba, Thumper, Bourbon, Jennay, Forrest, Splinter, Dauber, Brita, Klinger, Woodstock, Tupac, Dutch, Landslide, Hedgehog

    F3 core principals, No FNG’s

    Mosey around the park
    Divide into four teams of 3 and one team of 4

    Music brought to you by my favorite 80’s rock bands

    The Thang: “Crawl To Get Strong”
    5 cones set up approximately 20 yards apart
    #1 – Kettlebell deadlifts x 12
    bear crawl to next station
    #2 – Seated band rows x 20
    bear crawl to next station
    #3 – Goblet squats x 12
    bear crawl to next station
    #4 – Band overhead presses x 20
    bear crawl to next station
    #5 – Band curls x 20
    sprint back to station #1

    Repeato till 0600

    Each team had 60-80 lbs of weght
    each team member did a farmer carry to the first cone and back while the other PAX held plank
    Repeato until each PAX farmer walked to each cone

    COT – countorama, nameorama, know your 6 (Jennay), announcements, prayer intentions

    Nugget: Bourbon discovered that Thumper may be a long lost child of mine based on our identical distinguishing mustaches
    (aka porn staches)

  2. Bourbon
    Bourbon says:

    09/19/2018 – Pre-Beatdown Ruck at the Field of Dreams:

    Date: 9/19/2018
    Time: 4:30 – 5:15 AM
    Location: Field of Dreams – Rolf Park

    Q: Bourbon
    PAX: 2 total: Thumper and Bourbon (Q)

    F3 Mission: Fitness, Fellowship, Faith; To plant, serve and grow men’s small workout groups, in order to reinvigorate male community leadership

    Principles of F3:
    • It must be free of charge
    • It must be open to all men
    • It must be held outdoor, rain or shine, hot or cold
    • It must be peer led in a rotating fashion by men who participate in the workout, with no training or certification necessary
    • It must end with a Circle of Trust (COT)


    The Thang:

    We took off on a 3.10 mile ruck around the Field of Dreams outside perimeter. Lots of great discussion was had as well as planning and strategy for the upcoming Star Course. A true 2nd F workout was had and enjoyed.

    Count-O-Rama and Name-O-Rama

    Learn about the 6: postponed to after the beatdown

    COT / Prayers and Intentions: Thankful for the men of F3 and our abilities to be able to gather and workout like we do.


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