Scott High School (The Dawg House)

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Date(s) - 08/16/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Scott High School



Park in the parking lot behind the school.

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  1. Tyson "Hacksaw" Stoll
    Tyson "Hacksaw" Stoll says:

    Iron PAX 18.2 Back Blast
    AO – Dawg House
    Q – Hacksaw
    PAX- Okoye, Modell, Gap, Dauber, Glitch, Rooster
    Date: 8/16/18

    5 core principles were shared.

    Modell was on it by having cones to help the Q and had measured out 25 yards straight away in the parking lot because the football field was locked. Coupons were distributed. Rooster said that coupon and he were going to get intimate.

    The thang complete with work standards.

    4 sets x 8 minutes:
    Perform as many reps as possible in 8 minutes
    After every 25 reps, run 25 yards out and back totaling 50 yards
    Rinse & Repeat for 8 minutes
    Rest 2 minutes between sets

    Set 1 – Thrusters w/coupon (8 min)
    Set 2 – Curls w/ coupon (8 min)
    Set 3 – Russian KB swings w/ coupon (8 min)
    Set 4 – Man Maker w/ coupon (8 min)
    *Coupon=concrete block ~ 25lbs.

    Total score = set 1 + set 2 + set 3 + set 4

    We setup in the parking lot of the Dawg house on the cool blacktop as a light drizzle came down to cool us off. Hacksaw demo’d and reviewed all work standards complete. How to handle kettlebell swings and manmakers were discussed with the coupon. Hacksaw used the Tabata app on his phone programed with 7 second countdown, 8 minutes work, 2 minutes rest for 4 rounds which worked seamlessly. Okoye was about 5 minutes late so standards had to quickly be reviewed again:/ Dauber asked if it was 8 minutes total. It was explained that it was 8 minutes for each of the 4 movements. Hacksaw brought out a notepad and pens to write down scores, however the rain and wetness of the blacktop foiled that plan within the first 8 min of work. Everyone had to keep track of their entire score. Rooster and Hacksaw were neck and neck so it was easy to keep track of each others scores per round.

    Name Thrusters Curls KB Swings Manmakers Total
    Okoye 322
    Model 444
    Dauber TO RAIN ON MY NOTEPAD 444
    Glitch 492
    Rooster 220 275 253 82 830
    Hacksaw 200 300 250 85 835

    Everyone busted their a$$ and did the Toledo Region Proud. After we all caught our breath, we circled up for COT.
    Prayer Intentions –
    Kids and teachers going back to school this week. Safety for all.
    Degenerative back that someone was dealing with. (Sorry, Q was not thinking clearly at this moment)
    Dauber coaching kids and the request for wisdom.
    Hussein heading out over seas on a trip. Safety in travels.
    Gap threw out a challenge to the PAX to take on challenges and to step up as men, face the challenges, Don’t back down. This workout looked hard, but we didn’t back down. Great words of inspiration from Gap!
    Hacksaw finished with prayer.

    An honor to lead, gents! Aye!


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