Rolf Park (Field of Dreams)

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Date(s) - 10/10/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

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Rolf Park



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  1. Scott "Geppetto" Schutt
    Scott "Geppetto" Schutt says:

    Backblast – October 10, 2018
    AO: Field of Dreams – Rolf Park, Maumee, OH
    QIC: Geppetto
    PAX: Venom, Tupac, Woodstock, Mile High, Dutch, Bubba, Forrest, Jennay, Huckleberry, Usain, Messy, Hacksaw, Crab Legs
    Workout: FoD Pick ‘em
    The “Thang”: First Half – Start by running 20 yards downfield and back. Then select from a group of five 1st half exercises and complete 20 reps:
    -Indianapolis Colts Imperial Walkers [2 is 1]
    -New York Giants LBC’s
    -Green Bay Packers Plank Shoulder Taps [2 is 1]
    -Atlanta Falcons Flutter Kicks [2 is 1]
    -Denver Broncos Mountain Climbers [2 is 1]

    Now run 40 yards downfield and back and select from the remaining exercises and do 40 reps. Repeat at 60, 80, and 100 yards, doing 60, 80, and 100 reps respectively from the exercises on the 1st half list without selecting an exercise twice.
    Once complete, move onto the 2nd Half, and in the same fashion as the 1st half, complete the following list of exercises:
    -Cleveland Browns Burpees
    -Miami Dolphin Merkins
    -Detroit Lion Lunges [2 is 1]
    -Los Angeles Chargers Leg Lifts
    -New Orleans Saints Squats Air Presses

    Once 2nd half is complete, move onto Overtime with the exercise choices of:
    -Pittsburgh Steeler Situps
    -Carolina Panther Dry Docks
    -Seattle Seahawk Side Straddle Hops [2 count is 1]
    -New England Patriot American Hammers [2 is 1]
    -Buffalo Bobby Hurley’s

    If all three rounds are completed, 900 reps and a mile of running would be accomplished. If there is time remaining, repeato beginning with the first half.
    Ended with:
    Sharing of the six – Tupac who was EH’d by Casper at Starbucks and initially posted for the exercise but keeps coming back for the 2nd and 3rd F. At his first post, he let the group know that he was going through some “changes” in his life, thus “Tupac” was born! We are blessed to have him as a part of F3. Truly blessed!
    Announcements – Frog 2 rucking event on 11.10.18 @ 2:30am. Meet at Barry Bagels on Dussel. Shirt preorder ends 10.15.18. Tupac encouraged the PAX to post on Monday nights at Hamburger Hill (Sidecut MetroPark) and YHC reminded everyone of the Cherry Street Mission 2nd F opportunity this evening.
    Ball of Man – Prayers for Landslide and his family for recent loss of his sister. Also, prayers for Jennay’s wife as she is heading to Florida for work. And for everyone in the Southeast bracing for Hurricane Michael, especially first responders and emergency personnel who will be putting their lives in danger to save others.
    Spreadsheets from the Gloom: YHC was impressed by the number of PAX who posted based on the previous evenings HC count. Continued to be in awe of the men who show up and put in the work. Mumble chatter was low today, which YHC takes as a good sign that the workout was a challenge. We all got better today. It was an honor to lead.


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