Rolf Park (Field of Dreams)

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Date(s) - 12/26/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Rolf Park



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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    A Few of my (Least) Favorite Things

    Q= TuPac
    PAX = Hacksaw, Woodstodk, Montoya, Rooster, burboun, Bambie, Nozzle, Gepetto, ChewToy, Raven, Jennay, Huffy, Tupac

    14 PAX gathered at The Field of Dreams to enjoy a bit of physical activity. TuPac the Q built the beatdown around the exercises he absolutely hates thus the title “A FEW OF MY LEAST FAVORITE THINGS”. There was no holding back on exercises chosen with the exception of Pull-ups because there were no apparatuses This was also Raven’s 1 year anniversary so music was specially selected for him. We were going to do 365 merkins but as Bambie pointed out, “he only posted about 20 times in the year”. Idea scrapped.


    Hate #1 = the beep test. God is a good and Merciful God. Tupac had technology problems and could not get the beep test going so we skipped this.

    Hate #2 = Thunderstruck. ACDC thunderstruck was played and sidestraddle hops were done continuesly with rest given every time the word thunderstruck was sang. For the rest period, a burpie was done for each Thunderstruck.

    The remaining beatdown consisted of reps of 25 of each exercise repeated twice. If a PAX was successful of completing the two cycles they were rewarded with a extra rounds requiring reps of 5 each. The exercises were the following:

    Hate #3 = Donkey Kicks
    Hate #4 = Burpies
    Hate #5 = Lieutenant Dans
    Hate #6 = Diamond Merkins
    Hate #7 = Absolutions
    Hate #8 = Plank Jack Shoulder Taps
    Hate #9 = Big Boy Sit-Ups (actually I do not hate these, I just ran out of hate)

    Great effort by all and from the comments received, it appears that this beatdown was quite popular. It may need to make a return visit.

    Ended in customary fashion with COR, NOR and COT. The idea of meeting for a cup of coffee was thrown out, and 6 of us met for 2nd F. TuPac was supposed to go to work but called in a couple hours late. He also spent time one table over EH ing 5 men. Not sure if efforts were successful, but he did walk away with a present that one of the candidates gave him (a gift-wrapped book).


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