The Battlefield (The Shops at Fallen Timbers)

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Date(s) - 07/18/2019
5:00 am - 6:00 am

The Q:
Mercy and Chew Toy

Shops at Fallen Timbers


boot camp, Perrysburg

Boot camp style workout at the Shops at Fallen Timbers. Group will meet next to the movie theater. Easy access to the Wabash Cannonball Trail for some running or rucking. Also, plenty of blacktop to make use of, not to mention a little green space across from the theater.

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  1. Tommy Davis
    Tommy Davis says:

    The Battlefield
    The Murph…with a twist

    3 PAX: Bongo, Mercy, and Alonzo

    A small group of HIM’s came out to the gloom to experience the virgin Murph at the Battlefield. Only the Q had some different thoughts in mind, after reading more information on the events that led to the death of Lt. Michael Murphy and 22 other soldiers.

    Reviewed the mission statement of F3, and reviewed the 5 Core Principles as well. Then it was off to work.

    The Murph, of course, is a 1 mile run, followed by 100 pull ups, 200 merkins, and 300 squats. The “twists” that were thrown in were to represent the fact that Lt. Michael Murphy left the safety of a bunker, and ran 30 yards to a clearing to call for help. In remembrance of that selfless effort, the Q asked for the PAX to do the workout in partitions of 10, 20, and 30 in separate locations, using the space between to represent the run to the clearing.
    The Q also asked that the PAX representative the 22 soldiers who perished that day by holding the final rep of each partition for 22 seconds.
    There was very much a feeling of “pick up the six”, and “no man left behind”, as we all know this Q is not a great runner. But his PAX refused to leave him behind.
    All completed the initial mile run, 7 rounds of the partition, and the PAX completed the last mile, while the Q came up just a little short on the last mile, at .75 of a mile.

    Men gathered back at the flag for count-a-rama, name-a-rama, and COT.

    Announcements of the Bedford Convergence were made.
    Prayer requests were made for Chew Toy in his job interview in Maryland, Bongo asked for prayers for his job search, and we all asked for prayers of safety as we prepare for this upcoming heat wave this weekend.

    Although a small group, it was an honor to lead this group of HIM’s this morning.

    Until next time, I remain, Bongo


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