The Battlefield (The Shops at Fallen Timbers)

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Date(s) - 09/28/2019
6:30 am - 7:30 am

The Q:
Mercy and Chew Toy

Shops at Fallen Timbers


boot camp, Perrysburg

Boot camp style workout at the Shops at Fallen Timbers. Group will meet next to the movie theater. Easy access to the Wabash Cannonball Trail for some running or rucking. Also, plenty of blacktop to make use of, not to mention a little green space across from the theater.

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  1. Mercy
    Mercy says:


    Lonzo, Bongo, Needle (FNG), T-1000, Mercy (Q)

    5 principles,
    Quick disclaimer for the FNG

    5 showed up for the beatdown in the gloom. It was beautiful weather. We stretched and started with an Indigenous criss-cross apple sauce run around the theater.

    Next, we picked up 3 logs, and split into groups of 2 and 3. The group of 2 shared one log, the group of 3 shared the other 2 logs. These looked small when picking them out, but they weighed over 30 pounds each.

    We went to the field, starting at the sidewalk across the street from the theater, and did a relay format. One doing work with the log on the side walk, while the other did reps down to the cone and back. The cone was placed at a random place in the field to ensure enough time to do work with the log.

    3 rounds of each: over head presses with log then bear crawls to cone and back, squats with log then lunges to cone and back, and lastly chest presses with log then crawl bears to cone and back.

    After completing the 3 rounds of each set, we took a break by doing a round of ab work – 20 flutter kicks, 20 plank jacks, 20 hello dollies – twice. This round was inspired by Woodstock the beatdown at the Battlefield the Thursday before. We did this after each round of log/cone work – 3 times.

    After our log/cone/ab work, the Q made an audible. 2 of the pax had just completed the Iron Pax workout the day before and their legs were dying. The Q has a simple leg workout that he has not been able to use yet – only consisting of jump squats and jump lunges.

    So we put our logs back and went to the benches for decline merkins and tricep dips. We did 25 reps of each 3 times.

    COT: COR, NOR, the 6 – Mercy, naming FNG Needle.

    Great work by all. Great to see the FNG putting in work, and looking forward to seeing him out again.


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