Southview High School (Fuse)

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Date(s) - 10/07/2017
6:30 am - 7:30 am

The Q:
Pixar and Ozzie

Southview High School



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  1. Matt "Ollie" Britt
    Matt "Ollie" Britt says:

    17 pax (including 1 FNG) posted for a non-stop Saturday morning full body beat down… “Feeling the flow”

    Q – Ollie

    Froman, Kitty, Jimmy Dean, Sally, Edison, Goose, Cogsworth, Worm, Paul Bunyan, Sipe, Rose, Mailman, Pink Panther, Mayor, Sideshow, Ollie, FNG – Myrtle

    1) SSH – 20 in cadence
    2) Inch worms with merkin – 10
    3) Frog Walks (runners lunge) – 20 each leg
    4) Plan arm circles – 30 each arm holding plan with other arm
    5) Michael Phelps
    6) Mozy to the track

    The Thang:
    1) 400 meter run
    a. 50 merkins
    b. 50 squats (ass to grass)
    c. 50 full sit ups
    2) 400 meter run
    a. 40 merkins
    b. 40 squats
    c. 40 full sit ups
    3) 400 meter run
    a. 30 merkins
    b. 30 squats
    c. 30 full sit ups
    4) 400 meter run
    a. 20 merkins
    b. 20 squats
    c. 20 full sit ups
    5) 400 meter run
    a. 10 merkins
    b. 10 squats
    c. 10 full sit ups
    6) 400 meter run
    7) Mozy to the band field and partner up for bear crawls
    a. 1 guy bear crawls 10 yards while partner does pike (shoulder) press merkins. Alternate all the way down the field then sprint back
    8) Circle up in center of field for six minutes of Mary
    a. Alphabet v-ups (pax could choose their language ☺)
    b. Up/Down plank jacks – 20
    c. Pistol Crunches – 20
    d. Guantanamo
    9) Mozy back to the flag for COT

    Prayers – Hacksaw, Mailman’s aunt, Pink Panther’s Mom, Continued patience and composure for all pax, all other prayers on our hearts.

    An absolute honor to lead this group of men. #Blessed #ISI #HIM


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