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Date(s) - 06/28/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Hustle and Rose

Stranahan Elementary



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  1. Matt Yarder
    Matt Yarder says:

    QIC – Stark
    PAX – Springs, MotorBoat, Rose, Cogsworth, Carl, Cyclone, Jeter, Scrooge, Beaker, Cousteau, Mailman, Jimmy Dean, Hacksaw, Hustle, Elena, Sipe, Commodus, Trinity, Splinter, Hedgehog, Charlie Brown, FNG Pat “567” McCarty

    Today’s beatdown was certainly a challenge for YHC. First day back in 2 weeks (family vacay) and picked up a nasty bug on the airplane ride home. But watching all the PAX roll in was invigorating, especially since every other man was a new face hitting the gloom in the recent weeks. These Toledo boys have no quit…they are headlocking machines. The “Miracle” continues.

    The THANG
    Iron Core
    Start with some cadence to introduce the PAX to some of the moves in the main event – 8 Count Body Builders, Absolutions, Bear Rolls, Kick Throughs

    MAIN EVENT Complete each level (set) of the Searing Inferno or Molten Madness difficulties and then follow with the CRAWL pattern below:

    – Lateral Bear Crawl to first cone – Approx 20 yards
    – 20 Mountain Climbers
    – Switch Body Position and Lateral Bear Crawl to second cone – Approx 20 Yards
    – 20 Mountain Climbers
    – Sprint to last Cone and Back to start (active rest “walk” back as needed) – Approx 60 Yards Down and 100 Yards back.

    Gave the PAX two levels of intensity to build their workout
    Searing Inferno (Moderate Intensity)
    1.) 10 – Burpees

    2.) 15 – Plyo Bear Crawl

    3.) 20 – Plank Tucks

    4.) 25 – Bear Squats

    5.) 30 – Glute Bridge

    6.) 35 – Bear Rolls (2 is 1)

    7.) 40 – Big Boy Sit Ups

    Molten Madness (Higher Intensity)
    1.) 10 – 8 Count Body Builder

    2.) 15 – Scorpion Merkins

    3.) 20 – Absolutions

    4.) 25 – Plank Up/Downs

    5.) 30 –One Legged Glute Bridge (15 each Leg)

    6.) 35 – Kick Throughs (2 is 1)

    7.) 40 – V-Ups

    Once the PAX had the instructions we turned up the tunes and went to work. It was interesting to see the dynamics of the PAX and their choice in levels. I don’t think I saw a single PAX start with the moderate intensity option. Every man I saw attempted as many of the more challenging moves first and if they burned out on that THEN they switched to the “moderate” level option to finish out their reps for that level. And for some perspective the moderate options included Burpees and Plyo Bear Crawls. When a man is challenged to be strong, he will when given the chance.

    NOR, COR, Prayers for Riley (young girl fighting cancer), Brian (a friend of mine with a recent serious health scare), our continued growth and empathetic understanding of those we meet.
    Always a pleasure to lead these men!


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