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Date(s) - 10/21/2017
6:30 am - 7:30 am

The Q:
Pixar and Ozzie

Southview High School



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  1. Jon Newsom
    Jon Newsom says:

    DATE: 10/21/2017
    COUNT: 17
    QIC: Pixar & Oz

    PAX POSTING: Kitty, Trinity, Mary Lou, Sideshow, Rose, H2, Trojan, Nails, Cogsworth, Scrooge, Mayor, Brita, Stamper, Klinger, Pixar, Oz, Mater

    The Thang:

    Pixar explained the F3 Tag Team Championship Circuit while the PAX completed a quick warm-up followed by a mosey to the back football field.

    STATION #1 – Football Field- PAX lined up across the sideline of the field with their tag team partner & perform a series of 6 exercises.

    Round 1- Partner A – Lunge across entire width of football field then runs back to partner
    Partner B – Unlimited Burpees until partner returns
    Then Switch (A does B and vice versa)

    Round 2- Partner A – Plank Walk across width of field then runs back to partner
    Partner B – Unlimited Air Squats until partner returns

    Round 3- Partner A – Frog Jumps then run back
    Partner B – Unlimited Merkins

    Round 4 – Partner A – Bear Crawl then run back
    Partner B- Cross Mountain Climbers

    Round 5- Partner A- Reverse Bear Crawl then run back
    Partner B- V-ups toe touches

    Round 6 – Partner Carries Across the Field & Back

    STATION #2 – Mosey to the Bleachers next to the Southview Soccer Field

    PAX would snake run the stairs, complete a partner exercise, then run one full loop of the track.

    Round 1 – Snake run stairs – 15 Alternating Unders – One loop of track. Pixar brought his trusty whistle with him. With each whistle the PAX would drop for 10 burpees while running the track.

    Round 2- Snake run stairs – 15 partner air squats- One loop of track.

    Round 3- Snake run stairs – 10 Under Overs

    Round 4 – Partner buddy carries up the stadium steps

    STATION #3 – mosey to front field by baseball diamonds. PAX would circle up for a series of final exercises.

    ** Tag Team Sit-ups
    ** Over the wire plank jumps
    ** Fast Feet around the circle
    ** Bear Crawls around circle Guantanamo Style

    Pixar led the prayer with intentions going out to Trojan’s brother, Brita’s Dad, Bluto’s Dad, Rose, and Romano’s family.

    PAX ended the day with 46 Merkins in honor of Pixar turning the big 4-6 this week. Happy Birthday!


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