Southview High School (Fuse)

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Date(s) - 11/25/2017
6:00 am - 7:00 am

The Q:
Pixar and Ozzie

Southview High School



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  1. Jared Helton
    Jared Helton says:

    QIC: Colonel, Poodle (VQ) and Brute
    Pax 31.5 (Oz had to jet 1/2 way thru)

    Pax: Belding, Bluto, Mailman, Rose, Fatone, MaryLou, Trinity, Poodle, Honeymoon, Sideshow, Splinter, Colonel, Gadget, Ollie, El Chapo, Stark, Sipe, Brita, Mayor, Froman, Stamper, Worm, Hacksaw, Kitty, McFly, Mercy, Brute, Oz

    4 FNG’s with their birth name and F3 name below:
    Tim Carney FNG now known as Runaway, Jonathan Vornbrock FNG now known as Twilight, Craig Vornbrock FNG now known as Soda, Alex Zmolik FNG now known as Chowder since he splashed merlot in the first 10 mins…

    The Thang:
    Colonel started off with disclaimer to FNGs, principles, etc. and some SSH in cadence to count of 17, then pax moseyed to the track.
    ~1/2 the pax went on home bleachers and did 3 sprints up the stadium steps (hitting each step) followed by 20 partner merkins, 20 squats. Then squat/frog/plyo jumps up the stadium steps leaping over a step to the top – 3 times, followed by additional 20 partner merkins, 20 squats and then 3 more sprints up the stadium steps. Switch with track pax
    ~1/2 the pax started with burpee laps – 10 burpees, 1 lap around track, 10 burpees, repeato until bleacher pax was complete – worked out to 2 laps and 30+ burpees

    Poodle took over after 20 mins and got in a solid 20 min beatdown in his VQ!
    Poodle had each pax partner up and for 20 mins go through the following exercises with 1 partner planking while other partner performs the exercise until together they reached 100 each:
    Merkins, LBC’s, Superman, Plank Jacks, Wide Merkins, Flutter kicks, Swimmers, Plank Tucks, American Hammers and as Poodle said the pain ended around Hammer time and 20 minutes!

    Brute took the pax from there and split it in 1/2 for a 1/2 mile Indian Run for each group. Pax then moseyed to the parking lot for partner wheelbarrows to Ollie’s sweet red Jeep (~50 yards). Belding didn’t have a partner (which normally hasn’t stopped him from performing in the past) so Stark and Colonel each took a leg and wheelbarrowed him to Ollie’s Jeep.
    Brute finished it up with a traditional round of Guantanmo for a little core action.

    Many prayers intentions today around lost friends, family members and those continuing to battle cancer. Additional request to hold our kids close and appreciate the time we have. Brute brought the pax home with a strong prayer in BOM.

    It was a downright balmy 46 degrees in the gloom today. Awesome to see Poodle get his VQ in such short order and he crushed it with a creative partner portion of exercises that had the pax eager to get back to the cardio. Cardio bookended Poodle’s strong plan and made for a solid way to kickoff the weekend and burn off some more of the turkey and pie. Always an honor to lead this pax and great to continue to see FNG’s coming into the fold as we continue our growth in Toledo and live the mission of F3 through all 3 F’s – re-invigorate male community leadership!



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