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Date(s) - 12/30/2017
6:30 am - 7:30 am

The Q:
Pixar and Ozzie

Southview High School



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  1. Cris "Wake" Rupp
    Cris "Wake" Rupp says:


    QIC: Colonel and Wake

    PAX: Worm, Rose, Maddog, Brita, Froman, Klinger, Trinity, Splinter, The Hoff, Honeymoon, Mater, Stamper, Nails, Mayor, Scrooge, Ollie, Mailman, Peekachoo (FNG Brian Mingus), Kitty, MaryLou

    The Thang:
    Colonel opened with a welcome and explained the Army Test – 2 minutes of max push ups, 2 minutes of max situps and a two mile run.

    Today we would learn some history of the United States Flag. It is extensive, so the information given today only scratches the surface.

    The PAX moseyed from the parking lot to the track. The sidewalk we’ve become so familiar with was nowhere to be found due to the 4 or 5 inches of powdery new fallen snow that covered it up.

    Once at the track, we completed the 2 minute push ups and situps. Klinger was able to tell the PAX what minimum numbers were for these tests, and a groan came over the crowd.

    The two mile run would be broken up by completing an exercise, then running a lap on the track. The 4 or 5 inches of snow added a unique challenge for the PAX. When each lap was complete, the following information about the flag was given and the exercise was completed.

    1805 – First time the Flag was flown overseas on a foreign fort – 25 Dive Bomber Merkins

    1861 – President Lincoln did not allow stars to be removed from the Flag when the south seceded – 16th President, 16 Surrenders IC 4 count

    1892 – The Pledge of Allegiance was written – Circle up around Shovel Flag – Say The Pledge – 20 Flutter Kicks IC 4 count

    The flag is flown in 7 locations (8 locations as further researched by Trinity) 24 hours per day by Presidential Proclamation or Law – 7 Burpees and 24 American Hammers

    1909 – Flag first planted at the North Pole – 9 Goofballs IC 4 count (aka standing mountain climbers)

    1931 – The “Star Spangled Banner” was officially adopted as our National Anthem – 1+9+3+1 = 14 Burpee Star Jumps to mimic the “bombs bursting in air”

    1960 – 50 Stars Flag is born, the same as we see it today after Hawaii joined the nation – 50 air squats IC 2 count

    We then moseyed back to the parking lot where we completed one final exercise – bunny hops down, bear crawls back 40 yards

    To celebrate Maddog’s birthday, we did an army crawl in the snow 15 yards down and back.

    The beatdown concluded with countorama, nameorama and prayer requests: Kate – Chemo going well, Kitty’s uncle who lost his house in the hurricane and just recently diagnosed with cancer, Maddog’s friend just had liver transplant, those struggling with depression, safety for New Year’s weekend, Android’s daughter, Colt, praise for 3rd F growing, praise for site Q meeting that recently went well, prayer request for leadership, the troops. Welcome to FNG Brian “Peekachoo” Mingus.

  2. Joe LeBlanc
    Joe LeBlanc says:

    Pre-Ruck BackBlast
    QIC: Splinter
    10 PAX Total: Hoff, Honeymoon, John Henry, Klinger, Mary Lou, Mater, Splinter, Stamper, Trinity, Wake

    YHC was cutting it close on time and was pleasantly surprised to see the number of cars in the parking lot. A few last minute HC’s made it a well represented PAX for a cold and snowy morning.

    Although cutting it close we started on time with the 5 core principles.

    YHC had mapped out a 4 mile route and was determined to get in the steps, particularly with no coupons present.

    We made it to 4 miles on the nose with a pace of 14:30 /mile which was pretty impressive with the snowy conditions and unsure footing the entire way. Great Job men!

    COT: Continued Prayers for Androids Daughter, Safe Travels for the PAX, friends and family this weekend. Prayers for those battling depression that they are able to ask for help and find the help they need. Prayers for Splinter’s brother and sister in-law,

    -Thanks to Stamper for providing headlamp as YHC died within 2 minutes of use.
    -Mary Lou lost a hat.
    -Honeymoon will be complaining to Charlies for not shoveling.
    -YHC caught some heat for the quick pace and speedwalking hip action…


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