Southview High School (Fuse)

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Date(s) - 03/24/2018
6:30 am - 7:30 am

The Q:
Pixar and Ozzie

Southview High School



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    Anonymous says:

    3.24.18 @ The Fuse AO
    Q’s – Co-Q with Oz and Colonel
    Pax Present (15):
    Mickey, Brute, Splinter, Colonel, Oz, Lavar, Belding, Cogsworth, Wake, Gadget, Trinity, Goose, Sipe, Danica, Ollie

    The Thang:
    Colonel kicked off with principles and did some SSH to warm up. Theme of beatdown was to “Light it Up” or Re-light he Fuse AO where F3 Toledo launched. Col. put on Fall Out Boys song – “I Know what you did in the dark” with the plan do SSH entire song but when the singer said light do a burpee, dark do a merkin and fire do a squat. This was not tested prior to beatdown so essentially we did 3 minutes and 10 seconds of SSH and did 22 burpees in that time as well. Good times and hilarity did not ensue

    Oz took over and had the pax do the following:
    Run from parking lot/flag to soccer field.
    >1/2 of the pax did 10 lunges (2 is 1) while the other half ran the soccer stands snaking through and did their 10 lunges after the stands to keep it from getting jammed up.
    >Then run to the tennis courts and do suicide runs on 5 courts with the final run back being a bear crawl all the way down across 5 courts!
    > Then run to the track and do 1 lap on the track followed by 30 Klinger kicks.
    The pax made it through 2 rounds of Oz’s fun run
    Colonel took over for next part of Q and with respect paid to Klinger’s beast workout not too long ago had the pax line up in the parking lot for a spin on that. Oz provided wonderful, uplifting tunes for all to enjoy during the final leisurely 25-30 minutes. 3 cones were set up as markers for the fun:
    1st run:
    > Sprint to 1st cone and do 7 hurpees (hand release burpees); Spring to 2nd cone and do 14 hurpees; sprint to 3rd cone – initially the plan was to do 21 Hurpees but audibled that one and just did 7 hurpees and then sprint back.
    > As soon as the 6 was in we then did the same thing but replaced hurpees with plank jerk merkins – 7 at each station
    > As soon as the 6 was in we then frog hopped (Belding request) to each cone and did 10 jump squats at each cone
    REPEATO of all 3 above once the 6 came in from the frog hops – respect to Cogs for crushing the Frog Hop and to Mickey for leading the way on all 3.
    Realized we had time to do one more thing so we circled up for Guantanamo and did that before COR, NOR and COT

    Wake was the 6 and shared was F3 means to him

    Colonel took us out with prayers for all prayer requests in the COT.


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