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Date(s) - 05/05/2018
6:30 am - 7:30 am

The Q:
Pixar and Ozzie

Southview High School



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  1. Jimmy Dean
    Jimmy Dean says:

    Cinco de Ruck-O

    Ruck Q: Jimmy Dean

    Ruck Pax: Jimmy Dean, Oscar Mayer

    Run Q: Kitty

    Run Pax: Kitty, Splinter, Ozzie

    The ruckers went 3 miles in a little under an hour and the runners did 4 miles in a little over a half hour. The two groups ended about the same time and did a quick COT after Splinter took off for Northview.

  2. Trinity
    Trinity says:

    F3 Uno on Cinco de Mayo at The Fuse
    QIC: Trinity
    PAX: Lavar, Mayor, Nails, Gadget, Dollywood, Trapeze, Poodle, Jimmy Dean, Danica, Ozzie, Ticket, Kitty, Wake, DosEquis, Klinger, Brita, Sipe, Cogsworth, Trinity

    19 Pax showed up for some good living and a game of F3 Uno. After a quick run through of the core principles of F3, we made our way over to the track. We split into two teams and YHC walked through the rules. A new addition to F3 Uno was the “Wildcard” which was used to assess 15 reps of any exercise to the other team. Each team had two Wildcards.
    Once music setup was complete the game began. Each team traveled about 20 yards from their station with one of the Pax alternating carrying a cinderblock. That Pax then led the cadence for the exercise dictated by the Uno card’s color and number.
    Team 1 landed the first wildcard and assessed 15 burpees to Team 2. Team 2 picked up the second wildcard and delivered 15 jump squats with a handtouch in between. YHC should have foreseen this, but when Sipe picked up the second wildcard he didn’t hold back and delivered 15 diamond jump, one-legged burpees. No surprise, Team 2 repaid us with the same exercise. YHC may have only completed a couple of these correctly, but it wasn’t for a lack of trying.
    When all was said and done, the following reps were completed by both squads:
    4 laps around the track = 1 mile
    35 merkins
    35 burpees (Team 2 did 50)
    35 jump squats (Team 1 did 50, 15 were hands to ground)
    35 American hammers (2 = 1)
    15 diamond jump, one-legged burpees

    After we finished F3 Uno, we circled up and Cogsworth gave us a 5 minute overview of the history of Cinco de Mayo. Interesting to learn of the alliance between the French and the states of the Confederacy and the potential impact this could have had on the USA had the French been victorious.

    With time left, we lined up for a Bataan Death March (5 merkins for the Six before Indian run). We covered an additional 3 laps around the track and all Pax pushed really hard through the finish. For good measure we wrapped up with Guantanamo and then moseyed back to the flag.

    Trapeze was our 6. It was great to have him back in the gloom with us!
    CoT – Prayers for the family of the Southview teacher that recently took his own life, safety that evening on the roads, for our troops and finally that our elected leaders make the right decisions (not necessarily the easy ones).

    Moleskin – Ticket joined us and modified his workout while still dealing with a swollen knee from Growruck. He also snapped some photos during the workout which may come back to haunt all of us in the future.

    An honor as always,



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