Southview High School (Fuse)

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Date(s) - 05/26/2018
6:30 am - 7:30 am

The Q:
Pixar and Ozzie

Southview High School



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  1. Colonel
    Colonel says:

    QIC: Colonel
    PAX: Splinter, Brita, Lavar, Mercy, Hacksaw, Cogsworth, Dollywood, Sipe, Goose, Mayor, Gadget, Jake the Snake, Hang Up (FNG), Danica, Trinity, Turpentine (FNG), Mater, H2, Froman, Oz, Pixar

    The Thang:
    22 pax came together at the Fuse AO on a glorious Saturday in the gloom.

    2 FNG’s so YHC did detailed disclaimer and principles and had the pax due an Indian run over to King Road library to scope out a future potential AO…
    Pax lined up in parking lot outside front of library at first grassy island with light pole. Total distance from one light pole to last light pole was 100 yds. Beatdown went as follows:
    21 merkins, sprint 100 yds, 16 merkins, sprint 100 yds, 11 merkins, sprint 100 yds, 6 merkins
    20 Klinger kicks, sprint 100 yds, 20 Klinger kicks then mosey 100 yds back
    21/16/11/6 – hand release merkins with 100 yd sprints in b/w eac
    20 jump squats, sprint 100 yds, 20 jump squats and then mosey back
    Concerned about fitting in all the work YHC had the pax go “sidelines” for sprints which was approx 50 yds.
    21/16/11/6 decline merkins using curb or benches for decline with 50 yd sprints
    20 bench box jumps – YHC made note that for it to count you have to stand up tall on the jump – full extension/ followed by 50 yd sprint and 20 more bench box jumps/ 50 yd sprint
    21/16/11/6 military merkins followed by 50 yd sprints on each
    20 plank jacks, 50 yd sprint, 20 plank jacks
    For final round YHC had pax go back to 100 yd distance and partner merkins for 21/16/11/6. With respect to time for COT, NOR and naming FNG’s audible after 21, sprint, 16 merkins and entire pax ran back to the shovel flag at NV for 1 last surprise.
    Once 6 was in from the run back as a group we paid respect to our 3rd workout ever at the Fuse that wa led by Buchanan from Cleveland and we did Jack Web’s – 1 merkin/4 air press, 2 merkins/8 air press, all the way up to 10/40.
    Pax had to do an add’l 17 merkins to get the final number for the Beatdown.
    Plan for the Beatdown was to get in 2.5 miles of running (mostly AYG) and 334 merkins with some addl PT to break up the merkin mania.
    Why 334 Merkins – that is how many one would need to do every day in June to make it to the 10,000 merkin challenge thrown out by CI from Louisville. Some in the pax that attended were considering it and some have HC’d (YHC) so wanted to get a feel for knocking those out during a Beatdown so hopefully more would partake in the fun/stupidity/nonsense and have a game plan on how many they would do in a day, if they wanted breaks, etc.

    NOR, COR, Named FNG’s, Cogsworth was the 6. Prayers for our troops, veterans and respect/rememberance of those that paid the ultimate price for our freedoms – YHC led us out in COT with prayers of patience, prayer intentions from the pax and to focus/remember what Memorial Day represents.

    2 FNG’s – Turpentine (he had paint on his person and clothes) and Hang Up (works as a telemarketer). Hang Up admitted that this was only his 2nd time working out…. ever! Respect to Danica for the EH of Hang Up and to Trinity for the EH of Turp
    Awesome to be back with the pax after being away for 2 weeks. Honor to lead and realize while your away how amazing our region is and the HIM that we get to post with and interact with throughout F3Toledo.
    King Road Library has potential as an easy spot to split up the Fuse when problematic numbers arise and is a well lit, highly visible area with some creative options for sure.


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