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Date(s) - 06/02/2018
6:30 am - 7:30 am

The Q:
Pixar and Ozzie

Southview High School



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  1. Jon Newsom
    Jon Newsom says:


    Q- Oz

    PAX (21)- Brita, Mickey, Mater, Pinball (FNG), Mailman, Ollie, Brute, Scrooge, Lavar, Pixar, Honeymoon, Nails, Mayor, Mary Lou, Colonel, Goose, Turp, Sipe, Spike Lee, Klinger, Oz

    The Thang:

    The PAX circled around the shovel flag and listened to the inspirational tunes of the Greatest Showman as Pixar emerged from his vehicle and gleefully galloped to join the group.

    No stretching or wasted time for any warm-ups on this Saturday. The group would mosey back to the Fuse soccer field stadium stairs. The PAX would be challenged to complete the initial course-

    – 10 burpees
    – Snake Soccer Stadium Stairs
    – 20 Squats
    – Run to track – 1 loop around track (fast pace)
    – Run from track to snake the other set of stairs adjacent to the track
    – 10 decline merkins
    – 10 incline merkins
    – 20 dips

    The course was complete when both sets of stairs were visited twice & the track was circled 4 times. Stairs-track-Stairs-track-Stairs…. you get the idea.

    After the first round was complete & the songs of the complete Rocky saga had finished, the Pax lined up along the goal line of the soccer field. 4 cones were placed precisely 20 yards apart as confirmed by the F3 distance & yardage officials (the distance between was a highly debated subject). The Pax would be put thru a series of constant motion with various exercises between each cone.

    Round 1 – Wheel barrel to cone 1 (partner 1) – both bear crawl to cone 2 – wheel to cone 3 (partner 2) – both bear crawl to cone 4
    Round 2 – Buddy carry to cone 1 (partner 1) – both lunge to cone 2 – buddy carry to cone 3 (same guy) – both lunge to cone 4
    Round 3 – Repeato but other partner 2 doing buddy carry
    Round 4 – Suicides – run to cone 1 (10 merkins) & back, run to cone 2 (10 lbc) & back, run to cone 3 (10 merkins) & back, run to cone 4 (10 lbc) & back
    Round 5- Suicides – run to cone 1 (10 American Hammers) & back, run to cone 2 (10 flutter kicks) & back, run to cone 3 (10 AH) & back, run to cone 4 (10 FK) & back
    Round 6 – Suicides – run to cone 1 (5 Burpees) & back, run to cone 2 (5 Burpees) & back, run to cone 3 (5 Burpees) & back, run to cone 4 (5 Burpees) & back. Pax finished with the 6 on the last cone. Goose was nominated to lead the Pax in cadence to complete the final round of burpees.

    Pax would mosey back to the shovel flag and complete one round of Guantanamo to finish the beatdown. Scrooge was the “6”. Prayer intentions for Brita’s Mother-in-Law and the passing of Mailman’s Grandmother. Honeymoon preached his wisdom to the Pax and added some much needed perspective (such a wise soul for a 20-something).

    Welcome to Sam “Pinball” Shammy (sp?). Honor to lead on this fine day.



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