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Date(s) - 06/23/2018
6:30 am - 7:30 am

The Q:
Pixar and Ozzie

Southview High School



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  1. Froman
    Froman says:

    June 23, 2018 @ The Fuse


    Sipe, Cousteau, Nails, Rose, Trinity, Ozzie, Goose, Ollie, Splinter, Kitty, The Mickey, Colonel, Froman

    69 and rain

    The Thang:
    13 PAX ditched the fartsack to brave the rain at The Fuse. The Five Principles and Disclaimer were announced promptly at 6:30 AM.

    The PAX performed the following warmup in cadence:
    SSH x 25
    Air Squats x 20 (2 is 1)
    Imperial Walkers x 20 (2 is 1)
    Mountain Climbers x 20 (2 is 1)
    Merkins x 20 (2 is 1)
    Burpees x 10

    Wet and Warm, the PAX moseyed to the track, where YHC asked everyone to line up for a run to the start line in the SW corner. The intent was to have a fast guy paired with a slow guy for the next movement. Somehow The Mickey and Ozzie ended up partners, which may cause a rage of jealosy when Brita finds out.

    Once partnered up, the PAX were lined up for the Bear Chase. Partner 1 would begin a bear crawl around the 400 meter track. Partner 2 simultaniously runs a lap of the track. When partner 2 laps partner 1, roles are switched. Repeato until 1 lap is complete. First pairs to finish go back and finish with the 6.

    After a 10 count recovery, the pairs again lined up at the start line for round 1 of Catch Me if You Can. Partner 1 drops and gives 5 merkins, while partner 2 starts a backwards run around the track. After the 5 merkins, partner 1 sprints to catch partner 2. Once caught, switch roles. Repeato until 1 lap is complete.

    After a 10 count recovery, repeat CMIYC with 5 Air Squats in place of the merkins.

    After a 10 count recovery, repeat CMIYC with 3 burpees in place of the Air Squats.

    The PAX then moseyed to the north end of the track for a little more shoulder work in the form of Partner Jack Webbs. Group cadence was abandoned once it was apparent it was a clusterf%$#. All pairs completed 1×4 up to 10×40.

    PAX remained in place for another round of Jack Webbs, but this time we replaced the merkins and air presses with Squats and Lunges. 1 squat x 4 lunges. We made it up to 5 squats and 20 lunges before YHC showed mercy to the PAX and called the mosey back to the flag.

    With a few minutes to spare, the PAX circled up for a little Mary. Ozzie chose Flutter Kicks, so we knocked out 25 IC. Splinter chose ABC’s, which I’m sure looked like some bad synchronized swimming in the wet parking lot. Colonel stepped into the circle to close it out with 25 Big Boy Sit-ups while YHC fetched the phone from the car.

    Countorama confirmed 13 PAX with no FNGs. Nothing out of the ordinary in the Nameorama, with Sipe leading it off with a SIPE!!! in a tourretsish kind of way.

    Ozzie seemed disgusted he was the 6, but brought some great thoughts to the COT. Oz told about how his training in the past was always event-based, stopping once the event had passed. But in the past 13 months, pushed by the PAX, he has worked out more consistent than ever. Oz has also told of his son (Drago), who credits F3 for the dusting of the rest of the SFS hockey team in Army Crawls.

    YHC closed it out after the PAX shared intentions.

    Strong work by this group. I always appreciate the opportunity to lead, and am especially thankful for those that showed up in the rain.


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