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Date(s) - 07/07/2018
6:30 am - 7:30 am

The Q:
Pixar and Ozzie

Southview High School



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    Saturday 7/7/18 @ The Fuse
    Classic Kitty

    If you take out the 5 minutes of burpees at the beginning of this workout, this is stupid easy. Put those burpees back in and you’ve got a RAK. We almost had to call an audible because the Q was gassed.

    As Cadre Danny so superbly branded into our psyche (or at least mine), “Nobody cares what you can do when you’re fresh. I only care how you perform when you are fatigued.” So, we wore ourselves out, then worked out for another 50 minutes. Good livin’!

    5 Principles

    Warmup: Windmills, Side Straddle Hops and Imperial Walkers in cadence. Indian Run around parking lot – with bonus thruster before your sprint

    5 minute burpee challenge

    Reps for the following exercises = 2x # of pax posting = 32
    • Forward Lunge in cadence
    • Backward Lunge in cadence
    • Side Lunge in cadence
    • Partner Decline Merkins OYO
    • Hands up Merkins OYO
    • Hop Merkins in cadence

    Full field suicides – every other line.

    Reps for the following exercises = 2x # of pax posting = 32
    • Corkscrew Hops in cadence
    • Plank Twists in cadence
    • Heel Taps in cadence
    • Dr. W’s OYO
    • Reverse Plank – called out by the Q
    • Superman/Rocket Man – called out by the Q
    • Horsey Ups in cadence
    • Hop and Pop – called out by the Q

    Full field down and back sprint with 20 mountain climbers at the end lines.

    • Count-O-Rama: 16
    • Name-O-Rama: Ozzie, Ollie, Flutie, Hustle, Edison, Brute, Sipe, Mad Dog, Rose, Sideshow, Lavar, Worm, Goose, Mayor, Scrooge and Kitty as Q.
    • Know the 6: Brutus – don’t skip the dynomite.
    • Intentions and BOM led by Kitty- Don’t forget that everyone is dealing with something. Be kind.


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