Southview High School (Fuse)

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Date(s) - 07/14/2018
6:30 am - 7:30 am

The Q:
Pixar and Ozzie

Southview High School



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    Anonymous says:

    21 pax (including 2 FNGs) showed up on a humid morning for a little rise and shine special… the sun was shining and heart rates were about to rise.

    QIC – Ollie

    Cogsworth, Chiles, Goose, Trojan, Lavar, Brute, Flutie, Stamper, Trinity, Froman, Splinter, Mr. Belding, Mater, Klinger, Rose, Scrooge, Sipe, Edison, Ollie
    FNG – Weezy, FNG – Five O

    Warm-up: QIC welcomed two FNGs and went through the principles of F3 and did a countarama
    1) SSH – 20 in cadence
    2) Windmills – 20 in cadence
    3) Michael Phelps

    The Thang:
    1. Mozy to the tennis and partner up for sprints across the 4 courts
    • 1 “sprint” = run down, back pedal back, carioca back down, sprint back
    • Each partner did 5 “sprints” so 20 total trips across the courts
    • Partner does merkins and planks while the other partner runs
    2. Mozy to the school for wall sits
    • Pax sat on the wall for 4 minutes hands up off the quads and parallel to ground. Two five second breaks to relieve the shaking 
    • Pax count off by 3s in preparation for next adventure
    3. Mozy to the band field for a coupon shuttle
    • Three teams of 7 started at the end line
    • 30 yards out each team had a 60lb sandbag, 60 yards out a 40lb sandbag, 90 yards out a cinder block
    • 1st pax in line runs out the 60 lb bag, squats 10x with bag and brings it back, goes back out to the 40lb bag curls 10x and brings it back to end line, goes back out to the cinder block overhead press 10x and brings it back.
    • Next pax returns the bags/cinder block to original locations and performs reps
    • Pax works in continuous rotation bringing the bags in and taking them back out while performing the reps
    • Each pax performs 10 burpees when complete and holds plank while waiting for next turn.
    • Each pax went through 3x
    4. Pax lined up on the end line of the band field
    • Bear crawl out 30 yards, reverse bear crawl 30 yards, run 30 yards… repeat back down
    • Run down the field and back all the way to flag

    PAX had a little trouble understanding directions on leaving cones or bringing them in before the bear crawl fun as I guess QIC was inadvertently speaking in pig latin… or it was Mr. Belding confusing the poor FNG who was gathering cones, putting them back, carrying a cinder block… all hell was breaking loose! QIC regained control and the bear crawls commenced.

    Always energized and inspired in the COT and this morning did not disappoint as Brute shared his story as the six. We named two new FNGs (in record time)… welcome Weezy and Five-O. YHC shared his thoughts on slowing down, not being so crazy busy and taking time to reflect. Live each day to the fullest men!

    Many thanks to this great PAX this morning for the hard work and the constant push to get stronger mentally and physically every day!

    #Blessed #Beatdownblessing #ISI


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