Southview High School (Fuse)

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Date(s) - 08/11/2018
6:30 am - 7:30 am

The Q:
Pixar and Ozzie

Southview High School



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    Anonymous says:

    PAX (13): Oz Sipe Kitty Splinter Trinity Ticket Stamper Goose Edison JazzieC Nails H2 Brita

    QIC: Brita

    5 Core Principles, Mission, Disclaimer

    Adjunct 6th principle by the Q: F3 always starts on time, regardless of Iron BS, Pre BS, or alarm BS

    SSH IC — Windmill IC — Imperial Walkers IC —KlingerKicks IC

    Warmup lap around the school
    Mosey to Tennis Courts: 5 court dance
    Round 1
    Sprint to end of court and back—10 Burpees
    Sprint to second— 20 touches
    Sprint to third— 30 Merkins
    Sprint to fourth — 40 squats
    Sprint to fifth — 50 American Hammers 2 is 1

    Recovery Lap around parking lot

    Round 2
    Same exercises and procedure as round 1; instead bear crawl to each court—5th court we sprinted

    Recovery Lap around parking lot
    15 windmills IC

    Round 3
    Same exercises and procedure as round 1; instead frog jump to each court—5th court we sprinted

    Sprinted each court and completed that many Merkins per court — first court, 1 merkin than sprint to 2nd court 2 Merkins etc

    At SF get on your 6 and hold shoulders and feet 6” off the ground for a minute while Brita told the story of Bagel screaming “you gotta fight for your right to Burpee” at the 80’s party —then proceeding to do Burpees in a pile of spilled beer, spit and probably some piss. It was priceless.

    Finished with Merkin burnout —Kitty Splinter and Oz were the last survivors with Sipe winnng out.

    COR/NOR — no FNG’s = 13
    6 = Ticket— commented on recovered Sad Clowns through F3 and his gratitude for the push in all areas of life and how the other PaX helped him complete the iron challenge.

    Announcements completely separate of prayer intentions were the August and September Rucks and the Sylvania convergence next week.

    Prayers for Fromans father, maybe just through Gods grace as we heard the sirens go by and we prayed for whomever they were on their way to serve. Colt and Riley — patience love guidance, especially to remember how easy it is to be a good representive of the F3 credo at the beatdown; it is the other 23 hours that we are called to stand up and be the men F3 demands.

    Aye— Brita


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