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Date(s) - 11/11/2018
6:00 am - 6:45 am

The Q:
Sipe and Nails

Southview High School


boot camp, Sylvania

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    Anonymous says:

    Sunday 11/11/18 @ The Fuse

    5 Principles

    We started with some stretching, windmills, etc. then out to the main driveway into the school with the cougar paws leading to the stadium

    At each cougar paw, the pax does 1 thruster, then runs to the next… so on and so forth. Starting at the big tree at midpoint to the practive field, the pax completed this to the end of the drive near Sylvania Ave.

    At that point, the pax completed 22 Curb Merkins- one standard merkin, then stretch your arms out so they are about 12 inches in front of you then lower yourself… that’s 2.

    The pax then returned back to the big tree in the same fashion as they traveled away from it.

    Side kicks over the cement posts for half the length of the field, then to the wall.

    At the wall, the pax lined up in wall sits with their arms stretched outward, straight. One pax would get off the wall, shuffle down the line, hand-checking the other pax’s outstretched arms until he reached the end and took his new seat on the wall. Repeat this down the line until you reach the end of the wall. Quick recover and reversio back to where the Wall Sit Guantanamo began.

    20 OYO wall hops (3-4 bricks above your outstretched, upward arms
    22 standing spider men in cadence with bellys against the wall and ams no lower than parallel to the ground… raise your knee to your elbow like spider man climbing the wall.

    The pax then went back to the driveway and went the other way on the paws with a thruster at each.

    At the maintenance drive, the pax gathered for over partner leg lifts – one partner holds his feet 6 inches off the ground while the other raises them over the other American Hammer style in cadence. 20 count then switch.

    This was followed by partner leg throws and partner sided-to-side leg throws. Then the pax circled up and completed merkin dominoes 10 times around, then reversio the other way 10 times. Before leaving, the pax completed 11 surrenders starting on the right leg then another 11 starting with the left leg.

    Finally, the pax returned to the starting point following the paws as they have been and moseyed to the flag.

    27 degrees Fahrenheit and everyone was sweating through multiple layers. It was a good morning.

    Count-O-Rama: 4
    Name-O-Rama: Sipe, Gap, Billy Bob and Kitty as the Q
    Announcements: holiday party is just around the corner.
    Intentions and BOM led by Kitty: Shared a prayer I have begun saying with my kids again which is meaningful to me.

    Thank you.


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