Stone Wolfe (Timberstone Jr. High)

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Date(s) - 05/03/2023
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Timberstone Jr High


boot camp, Sylvania

Bootcamp style workout that uses the track, plenty of open grass, and a large parking lot. Meet at the basketball courts!

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    F3- Stone Wolfe (Humpday)

    Q- Bullock
    PAX- Tucky, The Bus, Mole, Danica, Pixar, Mayor, Brute, Bullock

    Welcome, No FNGs, 5 Core Principles

    Warmup- 20 SSH in cadence, 10 Old Man Windmills in cadence

    Moseyed to the front of the school parking lot. 8 PAX split up into 2 groups of 4. Two PAX pulled 2 sleds backwards with 25 lb plate and Cinder Block around the island, while other PAX ran until they caught back up with them. All 8 PAX pulled a sled.

    Moseyed over to Pull up bars. Stayed in 2 groups. 1 PAX completed 5 pull ups, 1 Pax 10 Shoulder Press with block, 1 PAX completed 10 Goblet squats, 1 PAX recovered. Rotated through for 3 rounds.

    Moseyed to Track. All done in Cadence. 15 Merkins, 10 Superman, 20 Klinger Kicks, 15 Freddie Mercuries, 10 BBSU, ran around track twice. After the 3rd time of candece exercises, PAX had the option to Lunge or Bear Crawl around the whole track. Completed ¾’s of the track before we had to mosey back to flag for COT.

    Count o Rama, Name o Rama, 6 (Pixar), Announcements, Intentions/Prayer


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