Stone Wolfe (Timberstone Jr. High)

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Date(s) - 03/11/2020
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Timberstone Jr High


boot camp, Sylvania

Bootcamp style workout that uses the track, plenty of open grass, and a large parking lot. Meet at the basketball courts!

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  1. Poodle
    Poodle says:

    “Irish Trivia Beatdown”
    Pax Present: Beaker, Bagels, Ollie, Brute, Minnie, Klinger, Rubble, Bullock, Tucky, Tidwell, Gap, Mole, Poodle, Ticket, Nails, Splinter, Irish Springs, Biggie, Tupac, FNG “Hush Puppy”;
    QIC: Poodle

    It was a great morning to be out at Stone Wolf, no wind, dry, 35. The pax were ready to get after it.
    Welcome, 5 Core
    20 SSH IC, warm up lap around the school.

    Today was St Patty’s Day Trivia. We split into two teams at opposite ends. For each question there were associated exercises, wrong answers received more reps. After each question it was a jog 50 yards and back. The goal was to complete the most questions.
    The exercises were as follows:
    5 burpees, 10 merkins, 20 LBC’s (jog) (more reps for each if wrong)
    5 donkey kicks, 10 american hammers (2 is 1); 10 lietenant Dan’s; jog
    7 inch worms, 10 imperial walkers (2 is 1); 15 squats; jog
    10 diamond merkins; 10 plank jacks, 20 air presses, jog
    10 hand release merkins, 20 big boy sit ups, 10 squat jumps, jog

    Those exercises repeated throughout the questions.
    Team 2 was victorious getting through 18 questions while team 1 got through 16. They’re reward was holding the Burt Reynolds pose while Team 1 did 5 burpees and did a sprint.

    Mole was the 6 and as always provided some strong words for the group. Ended with COR, NOR. Welcomed new FNG “Hush Puppy”.

    Always an honor for the opportunity to lead!


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