Stone Wolfe (Timberstone Jr. High)

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Date(s) - 06/24/2020
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Timberstone Jr High


boot camp, Sylvania

Bootcamp style workout that uses the track, plenty of open grass, and a large parking lot. Meet at the basketball courts!

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  1. Splinter
    Splinter says:

    12 Days of Rona
    QIC – Splinter
    PAX – Mole, Care Bear, Patch, Mater, Tucky, Scrooge, Mayor, Rubble, Colonel, Sideshow, Brute, Trinity, Ollie, Mailman, Irish Springs, Johnny, Klinger, Minnie, Tidwell, Splinter

    Beautiful morning at Stonewolf and it was tremendous to be back in the gloom Qing in front of a group of HIM.

    -5 Core Principles
    -No warm-up but a quick mosey over to practice field.

    The Thang:
    Cones were set 100 yards out. PAX would start with 12 swings, run to the far cone and back. Next would do 12 Swings and 11 Merkins. Rounds were cumulative (would append) and build. Workout was designed to keep cinder block with you even on the down and back but you versus you and it seemed like a nice mix of Pax kept the block with them or alternated.
    12 – Swings
    11 – Merkins
    10 – Deadlifts
    9 – Curls
    8 – Flutter Kicks w/ Hold
    7 – Overhead Press
    6 – Squats
    5 – Bent Over Rows
    4 – Alternating Merkins
    3 – Jump Over Block Burpees
    2 – Donkey Kicks
    1 – Jumping Jack

    Kudos to Rose as this workout was inspired from a previous beatdown of his. Was really impressed with the fitness level of the PAX and how everyone continues to grow and get stronger.

    We finished with a COT. Prayers up for Johnny and his family, our Troops, and our Country.

    Thanks to the 20 PAX that showed up and supported this morning. I think we all got better.



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