Stone Wolfe (Timberstone Jr. High)

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Date(s) - 07/22/2020
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Timberstone Jr High


boot camp, Sylvania

Bootcamp style workout that uses the track, plenty of open grass, and a large parking lot. Meet at the basketball courts!

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    Round and Round We Go
    Q: Mole
    17 PAX

    4 stations set up around the track – 1 Upper Body, 1 Core, 1 Total Body, and 1 Lower body.
    The goal was to make it around the track 4 times completing the assigned number of reps for each movement at each station. Instructions were to sprint from the upper body station to the core station, run at a 75% pace from the core station to the total body station, run at a 50% pace from the total body station to the leg station, and run at a 25% pace from the lower body station back to the upper body station.

    Round 1
    Upper Body – 40 Standard Merkins
    Core – Plank Knee to Elbow – 5 second hold on each rep, 5 on the right side and 5 on the left.
    Total Body – 15 Burpees
    Lower Body – 20 Spiderman Squats

    Round 2
    Upper Body – 30 Hand Release Merkins
    Core – 40 Big Boy Sit ups
    Total Body – 20 Mike Tysons
    Lower Body – 40 Alternating Lunges, 1=1

    Round 3
    Upper Body – 20 Diamond Merkins
    Core – 30 Leg Raises
    Total Body – Bear Crawl 100M to the next station
    Lower Body – 25 Jump Squats

    Round 4
    Upper Body – 40 Staggered Merkins (20 right low, left high and 20 left low and right high)
    Core – 30 Straight Leg sit ups with toe touch
    Total Body – Moving Plank with hook/uppercut combo at the top. 5 moving clockwise, 5 moving counterclockwise.
    Lower Body – 12 LT Dans

    Mosey back to the flag for the COT

    Count o Rama – 17
    Name o Rama – Ollie, Mater, Dirty, Pixar, Jeter, Minnie, Mailman, Irish Springs, Klinger, Scrooge, Danica, Tidwell, Bullock, Splinter, Brute, Patch and Mole as Q.

    Mailman was our 6 today.

    We made a few announcements and said a prayer. Thanks to the 17 men who made it out today. This was a difficult workout and everyone pushed through. It is always a privilege and an honor to lead these groups.



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