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Date(s) - 11/09/2017
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Hustle and Rose

Stranahan Elementary



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  1. Hustle
    Hustle says:

    Q: Hustle

    11 pax posting in the chilly gloom of Ant Hill: Brute, Jimmy Dean (welcome back!), Cogsworth, Klinger, Gadget, Bluto, Gap, Ollie, Scrooge, Mailman, Hustle

    Warm-up with SSH and mountain climbers, both in cadence.

    Da thang: partner up for 5 exercises/stations, 12 reps each station, with 12 rounds total (but my over-zealous brain got the best of me and cut it to 6 rounds).
    Exercise 1: partner 1 hangs on monkey bars in pull-up or static hang position, while other partner does 12 burpees, then switch
    Exercise 2: feet-on-the-wall (side of the school) merkins
    Exercise 3: mountain climbers
    Exercise 4: walking lunges towards the basketball court
    Exercise 5: sprints the length of the basketball court

    All lined up at the baseline and sprinted to the other side for 12 Merkins, sprinted back for 11 air-squats, then back down for 10 Merkins, etc. until 1 squat was completed

    Circled up for progressive flutter kicks (smaller version than my Southview Q): everyone on their 6 in a static flutter position. I started out with 1, then the pax each did 1 flutter kick around the circle. When it came back around to me, 2 kicks and all the way around, etc. until we got to 6 reps apiece, then finished.

    Prayer intentions included Brute and his wife and family as they expect (very soon) another child; for anyone exposed to or suffering from cancer, and anyone undergoing surgery, for their recovery.

    Once again, a PRIVILEGE to lead! I appreciate those who showed up and look forward to many more beatdowns with the pax.


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