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Date(s) - 11/30/2017
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Hustle and Rose

Stranahan Elementary



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    Q: Modell
    12 PAX, including 2 FNGs, posted at the Stranahan “Anthill” AO: Hedgehog, Sipe, Glitch, Poodle, Trinity, Rose, Hustle, Gap, Trapeze, Modell and FNGs Chris “Mattel” Seilhamer, and Shane “CABG” Horrigan
    Workout: A Coach’s Fury – With the Brown’s being 0-11, this workout is a flashback to when your team had a bad loss or bad season and your coach let you feel his wrath!
    – OYO shoulder and leg stretching while I kicked off with F3 principles and gave an overview of the morning’s workout and exercises.

    – Wake Up Call (when the coach puts you through a drill to try to snap you and the team back to reality): Morning Call exercise performed by the PAX. One PAX counted off, doing 5 pull-ups while the rest of the PAX performed a merkin every time a pull-up was called out. The cycle continued until everyone performed 5 pull-ups.

    – The Long Walk Home (when the coach is so mad on the bus ride home that he kicks you off and tells you to walk the rest of the way home): Squats and Cinder Block Carry performed by the PAX. We broke into groups at 2 about 20 yards apart on separate ends of the Anthill field. Each PAX took a turn carrying the cinder block coupon to the other end of the field and handed it to another PAX who ran it back down to the other end of the field and handed it off to the next PAX who did the same thing. After each handoff, the PAX carrying the coupon did 5 merkins. Continuous squats were done by everyone when not carrying the coupon. Each PAX ran the 20 yards with the coupon 10 times, performing 50 pushups, and way too many squats!

    – Shut Up & Sit Down (when someone has an excuse or the coach just gets tired of everyone, starting to stumble over his words and just screams out for everyone to shut up and sit down or take a knee): Planks and Sit Ups performed by the PAX. In teams of two, one PAX performed 30 sit ups while the partner PAX planked until sit ups were complete. Once complete, the PAX that performed sit ups then planked until the partner PAX completed his 30 sit ups. Repeat-o and tree-hugger squats until all PAX complete.

    – Playing Like Pansies (when the coach calls you out and the team out for being soft) Pattycake Merkins performed by the PAX. Two partners face each other in plank position and perform merkin together. On up movement, partners touch right hands in the middle. Repeat merkin and switch hands. Exercise done to the tune of “Pattycake, Pattycake, Baker’s Man…” PAX made to sing out loud like pansies, doing pattycake merkins through 5 refrains of the song: “Pattycake, pattycake, baker’s man, bake me a cake as fast as you can, roll it, pat it, and mark it with a P, put it in the oven for PAX and me!” Tree-hugger squats performed by PAX that completed before others.

    – Just Run (when the coach has no more words for anyone and makes you run until…) 80 yard sprint performed by the PAX. The PAX ran the parking lot to the playground, completed 1 pull-up or 3 merkins, and sprinted back to the other end of the parking lot for a total of about 160 yards.

    – This’ll Teach’Em (when you and the team think the coach has spent all his fury on you, he throws one more drill at you to end the pain): The PAX performed a repeat-o of “The Long Walk Home”, performing 5 sit ups when handing off the cinder block coupon and continuous squats for all not carrying the coupon.

    – COT: ended in a circle of trust with prayers for the PAX traveling Cincy, praises and prayers for successful procedures/recoveries, prayers for those in bad domestic situations, and more.

    Thanks for the opportunity to Q!
    – “Modell”


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