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Date(s) - 12/14/2017
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Hustle and Rose

Stranahan Elementary



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  1. The Mickey
    The Mickey says:

    Mickey on the Q

    5 principals of F3 YHC explained the importance of safety

    PAX who posted in the freeze:

    Balco worm poodle dauber AOL Klinger The Colonel Splinter Hustle Jimmy Dean Mr. Belding Brita Kitty Gap and Mickey

    Split into 2 groups for certain exercises

    We did a mosey around the building while colonel followed in his beaten down Highlander after the accident . Ozzie explained it happened while creating fake twitter accounts for other PAX members .

    The Thang:

    – COP. SSH x 20, 10 up downs, merkin x 20 10 up downs squat x 20, 10 up downs 20 mountain climbers, 10 up downs All in cadence which this YHC is still struggling with . The colonel was called out by belding for his inability to get back and get down during up downs . Man kitty had his knees high and proud Like a good kitty . Gap was cheering it on like he really embraced the pain . The ice felt great every time we dropped. It was clear Balco must have juiced this morning because nothing was stopping him .

    Wall of fire

    Mosey over to wall in 2 groups . Everybody wall sits while one member from each group does 10 merkins 10 LBCs 5 burpees until PAX finishes . Footing was subpar in the snow during wall sits causing many members to hit the tundra . One team finished ahead but since we were working, so were they . They held plank . I believe the real reason that YHC ‘s group finished way behind was due to Ozzie s non-chalant approach to his duty in moving quickly for PAX . He definitely gave us all a look showing he was going to do this workout at his pace . When Ozzie is determined he never waffles .

    Mosey over to the field

    Time to get snowy . We gazed upon the beautiful untouched snow. It was so pure like Brita s intentions on the night of his prom . We were going to tear up God’s beauty but he didn’t mind . We did inch worms and followed it with fun jumps in the snow . Reminding us we were still children at heart . YHC called out bear crawls to the parking lot posts . The PAX was moving quick and with purpose like a puma in heat stalking an unexpected tiger . Dauber fought thru the pain and finished like the beast he is . Dauber has probably come further than almost anyone in the last 7 months . He also has taught that open mindedness is a key to loving everyone . What a great guy and addition to this PAX. AOL was like the Tasmanian devil thru the snow leaving us in his actual dust. He seems to be a real bat flipper as colonel calls them . Love the push . Klinger looked up to YHC with a look like is this it . I really beat this PAX to death last night and you come out and we play in the snow like some 2.0’s with the day off . So the YHC said get down and crab walk back thru the frozen tundra . Belding gave his usual “Meh ” and did his own thing stating YHC better pay for his rotator cuff surgery .

    Mosey to playground for Pull ups and push up circles . Every pull-up a guy does a push up is done by group while holding plank . Thanks to lady bug for this inspiration . This seemed to be a foreign concept to the PAX or YHC is poor at explaining . Colonel and Brita got into a heated discussion on a cold morning regarding our previous experience with this exercise . So we crushed a ton of push ups and pull-ups while cheering on our PAX . Cadre Garrett would be proud of our uplifting comments . Hustle had flawless form and seemed to be unaffected by the fact when he started his pull ups we had already done about 80 push-ups . Thanks to the site Q hustle what an honor it is to represent him . A guy that gives all and asks nothing . He even checked the YHC for a hernia in a school parking lot . Don’t worry I didn’t buy him dinner after . He knows where he stands . Nice hands though . Soft and not intimidating .

    Finish with 6 minutes of Mary

    YHC forced the PAX to their six for a strong finish . This was Toledo not some weak PAX. So we started with partner sit ups and Jimmy Dean clearly unaffected by the rest of the beatdown decided to fry this like he does Mater for pulling a real Mater . YHC yelled out pickle pounders and poodle gave a look like alright I knew I was in the wrong place . Things got really inappropriate during this time . Perrysburg was referenced and Belding made it really uncomfortable while he commented on people’s form and thrusting ability . Klinger did what Klinger does and shook his head at these antics . Brita being next to Belding was never good . Colonel upon completion was surprised when YHC finished without any real verbal consummation . Someone commented on how many pumps it took to finish like an old tootsie pop commercial . Never was a fan of those things or that owl that licked that whole kids lollipop . Sounded bad . Probably wouldn’t allow those commercials now a days . We had an appropriate transition into Queen at that point with some Freddie Mercurys .

    Freddy mercury 20 each leg in cadence

    Flutter Kicks 20 each leg to represent Klinger .

    Push up 5 timed at a 10 count with little direction from the YHC .

    90 sec plank aided by Brita with one leg up on a ten count . It burned me like It was college all over .

    COT we did name O ramo and inspired by Louisville we did get to know the 6 , where we get to know the 6th guy in the count o Rama .

    Today we learned about worm . He got his name from his scholastics and has a teenage daughter he adores . He told us what F3 meant to him including inspiration to wake up early every morning and show out . He has gained strong male companionship and is grateful every single day for what F3 does for him . Worm is a great guy and our PAX is so much stronger with him . Thanks my man . Prayers for YHC s friends father and for the troops. Prayers for safe non texting driving to colonel on his way to Norwalk . We prayed for patience tolerance and love bringing genuine change to the community . Sorry for anything I missed .

    Mole skin

    I just wanted to thank this PAX again for making myself , the community , and the world a better place every single freaking day . I have never been so called to be a better version of myself .


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