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Date(s) - 12/28/2017
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Hustle and Rose

Stranahan Elementary



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    QIC: Hustle

    Words of positivity briefly discussed in regards to the beatdown (i.e. If one perceives the exercise as difficult, then you’ve set yourself up for potential failure or just not pushing oneself to the max; half-glass full mindset was encouraged).

    13 men with ice in our veins braved Ant Hill and sub-zero temps: Dauber, Gap, Model, Jimmy Dean, Splinter, Sipe, Mater, Kitty, Scrooge, Mailman, Cogsworth, Honeymoon, Hustle

    Da Thang: Pax split into 2 groups. 2 cones separated about 50 yards apart, with a list of 10 exercises to perform, 50 reps each set. After each set was done by each member of the group, they would run to the other cone and do the next exercise. But 50 jabs had to be thrown before running down to the other cone. The exercises were:

    Air squats
    Air bicep curls
    Air squat with opposite elbow-to-knee static imperial-type walker motion
    Flutter kicks (2 is 1)
    ‘Towel’ side-to-side hops (100 total)
    Shoulder taps
    Twisting oblique pickle pounders (50 per side)

    The pax, in their same groups, then met midway between the cones. Various exercises were yelled out by members of each team, and ran back to the cone, perform said exercise, then raced back to the middle. The losing team had to do that same exercise x 3-6 reps.

    I had full confidence in this group to show up and show out, and we proved ourselves at the gloomy, tundra-esque Ant Hill.

    Prayer intentions included:
    For all teachers, and for children who may be less fortunate; Kitty’s uncle with cancer; Android’s daughter; Mailman’s wife; Cogsworth’s mother-in-law; Colt Del Verne; one of Dauber’s players father who passed away, Opperman family.

    I say it after every time I Q a workout, but it is always a privilege and an honor to lead a great group of med! Look forward to doing it again!


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