Stranahan Elementary

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Date(s) - 03/15/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Hustle and Rose

Stranahan Elementary



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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Da QIC: Hustle

    Da pax: Poodle, McGruff, Klinger, Jimmy Dean, Worm, Bluto, Froman, Rose (with his 100th post!), Mater, Glitch, Sipe, Kitty, Brute, Ozzie, Dauber, Splinter, Hedgehog, Colonel, and Hustle

    Da Thang:
    10 parking spaces marked with a cone in the first and tenth space in the front part of the school: 5 burpees in the 1st space, 10 air squats in the 2nd, 5 burpees in the 3rd, etc until the 10th space was reached. When finished, each frog-hopped to the front sidewalk then jogged to another 10 parking spaces on the North side of the school: 1-is1 of 20 reps total of Imperial Gentlemen, followed by 20 total mountain climbers, etc. until the 10th space; then we frog-hopped 3 more parking spaces and jogged towards the jungle gym, weaving in and out of the wooden parking posts. After, 10 toes-to-bars performed on the monkey bars (modifier was hanging knee raises). From there, jogged about 25 yards then jogged backwards the length of the school until arriving where ye old shovel flag was planted. PAX faced the flag and did moving SSH until arriving at the front of the school and performing said exercises in repeato fashion until time was up.

    ‘The 6’ was the one and only Bluto, who at this point seems to be competing with Scrooge for the most ‘posts’ as the 6. Name was given due to his military background in the Navy (MUCH RESPECT AND THANKS); and was EH’d by Trapeze, who seems incognito as of late (we miss ya man!).

    Prayer intentions for Gap’s continued healing; the Cherry Street mission guys (both those serving and those being served); anyone battling mental illness; for Mickey and playing dominoes at the Cherry Street mission (maybe he’ll let the other guys win); for the troops (ALWAYS); for Worm’s neighbor battling cancer; for Splinter’s father-in-law’s recent surgery going well; and the recent jet fighter crash and the victims’ families.

    Me: Humbled. Privileged. Honored to lead a great group of men. The F3 chain links remain strong, with no breaking in site! Thank you.


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