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Date(s) - 04/12/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:
Hustle and Rose

Stranahan Elementary



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    Anonymous says:

    Da Q: Hustle

    12 brave men woke up, looked outside, maybe had some thoughts of DC’ing, and although was wet and raining, decided to GET AT IT! The pax were, in no particular order: Romano, Spider Monkey, Worm, Cousteau, Kitty, Trinity, Mater, Jimmy Dean, Modell, Elena (THE 6), Oscar Meyer, Hustle

    Da Warmup: SSH with an imperial walker/gentlemen every 3rd rep. This started out a little confusing, was a little out of sync, but finished up looking solid and crisp! (30 reps total)

    The pax were told to bring something to carry, like a cinder block, rucksack, a heavy workout plate, etc. We proceeded with said object, carried overhead around the school, and did an Indian walk until we were back in starting order. We stopped, put our object down, gave our shoulders rest, and did slow, 3-count going down, and up for a jump squat (20 total). We then double-stepped it to our original starting point and split up in to 2 groups of 6.

    Da Thang: 3 sets of cones were set up in the parking lot, 21 spaces apart, with a set of cones right in the middle (10 parking spaces to each end from the middle set of cones). Even though I was leading, this part entailed the pax to participate. One guy from group 1 had to carry his object, along with another cinder block that I brought too, go to the middle set of cones, put down the objects, do 5 burpess, and finish at the other side where group 2 was. This same guy then yelled out an exercise of his choice, doing 12 reps total. A guy from group 2 then did the same, after doing his 5 burpees in the middle, and getting to the other end. and yelling out another exercise of 12 reps. This continued until every pax member yelled out an exercise. But as the guy was doing the farmer carry of the cinder and his brought object, the rest of the pax were holding plank in front, then right plank once the next guy left, then left plank, etc.

    We needed a seat, found the side of the school, and did a wall sit holding our object on our laps. The first guy ran about 25 yds away with his cinder, etc. did between 5-10 burpees (number of reps chosen was up to each guy). He returned to the wall and the rest recovered. This continued until all the pax did this.

    Elena was ‘the 6’. He was EH’d by Hedgehog. His name was given to him after he told the pax that one of the shows he and his daughter watches was Elena of Avalor, a Disney cartoon. He proceeded to tell us about what F3 means to him.

    Prayer intentions inlcuded: those going to prom this weekend and their safety; for the troops (ALWAYS ALWAYS); for the continued growth of F3; anyone with silent intentions. April is ‘Child abuse prevention/awareness month’, with a reminder to think about children who have no control to the environment that they are brought up in, and to truly count our blessings in regards to our children and their health and safety.

    Thanks to the guys posting today in wet and gloom of Ant Hill! Look forward to seeing you again. I am, as always, humbled and privileged to lead!


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