The Battlefield (The Shops at Fallen Timbers)

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Date(s) - 01/04/2020
6:30 am - 7:30 am

The Q:

Shops at Fallen Timbers


boot camp, Maumee

Boot camp style workout at the Shops at Fallen Timbers. Group will meet next to the movie theater. Easy access to the Wabash Cannonball Trail for some running or rucking. Also, plenty of blacktop to make use of, not to mention a little green space across from the theater.

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    The Battlefield
    Woodstock, Bongo, Wall-E, Ticket, Tressel, Lonzo, Ponzi, Huckleberry, Thai Guy, Mercy, Isosceles, Charlotte (Q)
    Intro, 5 Principles, description of workout

    PT On A Saturday Morning:
    Workout contains classic exercises performed during physical training in the military. If even number of people at the Q, make groups of two for the first cycle.

    Cycle 1: ~ 30 minutes
    Set 5 cones about 10 yards apart. Groups will start at the first cone and perform the exercise. After the exercise is performed, bear crawl (or modified crawl/walk) to the next cone. Once to the last cone and that exercised is performed and completed, jog around the pond next to the field back to the first cone and go through the cones until the next cycle.

    Cone 1: Body Squats – 50 reps
    Cone 2: LBCs – 50 reps
    Cone 3: Shoulder Press with block – 20 reps
    Cone 4: Merkins – 20 reps
    Cone 5: Plank – 1 minute

    Cycle 2: ~30 minutes
    Circle of pain – in a circle, starting with any person will choose two exercises. That person performs one exercise while the others are performing the other exercises. Goes to the next person with the same two exercises. Once around the circle, a new person selects two new exercises and repeats as usual.

    Great work from everyone. All continued to push towards the end and push each other on the last round of cycle 1.

    COT – the 6 – Lonzo


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