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Date(s) - 01/21/2020
6:00 pm - 6:45 pm

The Q:

Levis Commons - Clock Tower


boot camp, Perrysburg

Bootcamp style workout. Group will meet at the Clock Tower on Levis Commons Blvd. The Clock Tower is located in the traffic circle near Funny Bone Comedy Club. Also a great night for some fellowship. The PAX typically head out for some second F at one of the nearby establishments.

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  1. Ponzi
    Ponzi says:

    By the Numbers
    Pax: Ponzi , Huckleberry, Tai Guy, Moana, Van Gogh, Tupac, Huffy, Sipe, Dutch
    Misson of F3 and Core Principles

    Warm up: Side Saddle Hops 21 secret count in cadence, Squats in cadence
    PT using the roll of the dice –lots of leg work and 1 min wall sits
    30 mountain climbers
    30 Russian twists
    15 lt. dans
    15 tuck jumps
    20 merkens
    20 tricep dips
    15 jump squats
    20 burpees
    count-o- rama

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    PAX = Huckelberry, Pacer, Ponzi, Vangough. Houdini, Pappy
    Q= TuPac

    Becan with Mission Statemnt and 5 core principles.

    Warmups: 21s, chain breakers, wind mill, jog

    Beatdown: serving TACOS (The burpie x 5, Absolutions x 10?Crunch frog x 15, Outlaws x 20, Squats x 25.  Rinse and repeat, focused On form and not speed but doni ³

    Ended with NOR, know the 6, Dutch, COR


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