Scott High School (The Dawg House)

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Date(s) - 12/27/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Scott High School



Park in the parking lot behind the school.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    A Blue Christmas

    Q= TuPac
    PAX = Socrates, Moddel, Rocko, Gap, Wolfgang, Dauber

    7 PAX gathered at The THE DAWG HOUSE to enjoy a bit of physical activity. TuPac the Q built the beatdown around the exercises he absolutely hates.

    Socrates appeared with a Christmas gift, given to him by him M. She apparently likes what F3 is doing for him, so wanted to help him along a little further. TuPac felt like the image of the Grinch with that sinister grin, knowing what was about to unfold. I must say, Socrates rocked it, WITH THE VEST ON THE ENTIRE TIME. I do wonder if his M will get lucky tonight or whether he will prefer so soak in a hot bath and hit the hay early. Verdict is out on that. Tupac wanted to keep it “Urban” so we kept the beatdown in the parking lot.


    Hate #1 = the beep test. This was skipped for time consideration,

    Hate #2 = Thunderstruck. ACDC thunderstruck was played and sidestraddle hops were done continuesly with rest given every time the word thunderstruck was sang. For the rest period, a burpie was done for each Thunderstruck.

    The remaining beatdown consisted of reps of 25 of each exercise repeated twice. If a PAX was successful of completing the two cycles they were rewarded with a extra rounds requiring reps of 5 each. The exercises were the following:

    Hate #3 = Donkey Kicks
    Hate #4 = Burpies
    Hate #5 = Lieutenant Dans
    Hate #6 = Diamond Merkins
    Hate #7 = Absolutions
    Hate #8 = Plank Jack Shoulder Taps
    Hate #9 = Big Boy Sit-Ups (actually I do not hate these, I just ran out of hate)

    Great effort by all and from the comments received, it appears that this beatdown was quite “popular”. It may need to make a return visit. TuPac invited everyone to enjoy a cup of coffee somewhere and no one could go (or perhaps wanted to go. I am not sure if they just decided they do not like me. Looking for some reassurance that I am still loved, if I ever was loved before)

    Ended in customary fashion with COR, NOR and COT.


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