The Foundry (Gateway Middle School)

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Date(s) - 01/12/2020
6:00 am - 7:00 am

The Q:

Gateway Middle School


boot camp, Maumee

Using the Iron Pax Challenge as the spark, The Foundry is an AO designed to help provide a tremendous push and systematically track progress for PAX members. This AO will have 8-12 week “seasons”. Workout Q’s will design a #RAK beatdown with a measurable component (AMRAP, complete for time) and pre-blast it. Results will be recorded, and the workout will be repeated 4-6 weeks later for comparison sake.

All PAX are welcome regardless of fitness levels. The workouts are meant to push anyone of any fitness level way out of their comfort zone and get better. No man will be left behind and no man will be left where we found him.

The pre-blast makes sure everyone knows what they are in for and also allows for those who can’t make it to Black Ops the beatdown at a place and time of their choosing.

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  1. Ryan “Pacer” O’Mara
    Ryan “Pacer” O’Mara says:


    Water, Blocks, and Tears

    15 PAX
    1) Pacer (Q)
    2) Rooster
    3) Woodstock
    4) Stark
    5) Romano
    6) Bongo**
    7) Van Gogh
    8) Spaulding
    9)) Isoceles
    10) Mercy
    11) Huckleberry
    12) Ponzi
    13) Thai Guy
    14) Beaker
    15) Hannibal

    The Thang:
    Water, Blocks, and Tears

    +400 yd run
    + 20 Squat Thrusts with Cinder Block
    + Back pedal 26.5 yds
    + Run 26.5 yds
    + 1 Lateral Shoulder Raise using one gallon of water (8.34 lbs) in each hand
    +Back pedal 26.5 yds
    +run 26.5 yds
    +Repeat Squat thrusts; 19x’s, 26.5 Back pedal, 26.5 yds run, shoulder raise 2x’s
    + Repeato decreasing squat thrusts by one and increasing shoulder raises by one until 1x Squat Thrust and 20 Lateral Shoulder Raises.
    + 400 yd run
    + FOR TIME

    +A total of:
    -210 squat thrusts
    -210 lateral raises
    -nearly 3,000 yds running

    – Bingo was the 6


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