Timberstone Jr. High

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Date(s) - 01/24/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

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Timberstone Jr High



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  1. Matt "Ollie" Britt
    Matt "Ollie" Britt says:

    16 pax showed up in the frosty gloom with temps in the mid 20s for a Run with a little PT fun

    QIC – Ollie

    Cogsworth, Kitty, Belding, Poodle, Brita, Wake, Klinger, Ozzie, Rose, Sipe, Gap, Sideshow, Dollywood, Ticket, John Henry, Ollie

    1) SSH – 25 in cadence
    2) Windmills – 20 in cadence
    3) Michael Phelps
    4) Arm circles
    5) Mozy to the track

    The Thang:
    The goal was to keep moving!

    ” Indian run – ½ mile with the 16 pax cycling through exactly 1 time

    ” Move to “Quarters” – Pax partnered up to help push each other
    o 25 merkins (note the Q incorrectly called them push-ups and Brita politely asked what a push up was)
    o 400 meter run
    o 25 squats
    o 400 meter run
    o 25 burpees
    o 400 meter run
    o 25 squats
    o 400 meter run
    o 25 merkins
    o 400 meter run

    ” Move to catch me if you can with partners
    o First lap 1 partner 10 merkins while other back pedals. When caught partners switch and repeat until full lap is complete
    o Second lap same except 6 lunges instead of 10 merkins

    Total of close to 2.5 miles (with mozy and depending on the lane for catch me if you can), 25 burpees, ~30 lunges, 50 squats, ~100 merkins and an elevated heart rate.

    Pax finished strong and proud of all the hard work on that track this morning!
    Mozy back to the flag circle up

    As mentioned, I was glad to be back. I took quite a bit of time off the past month and a half and shutdown trying to deal with a lot of things. God has been speaking to me that I need this in my life and he spoke pretty loud this past Sunday.

    Many thanks to this great Pax welcoming me back. Humbled by each and every one of you great men! #Blessed #ISI


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