Timberstone Jr. High

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Date(s) - 03/21/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

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Timberstone Jr High



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  1. Modell
    Modell says:

    QIC: Modell

    18 PAX: Jimmy Dean, John Henry, Colonel, Mr. Belding, Mater, Sipe, Splinter, Ollie, Mailman, Cogsworth, Animal, Kitty, Rose, Ticket, Hedgehog, Scrooge, Honeymoon, Modell

    Modell kicked the morning off with F3 principles and mission and arm/leg stretching.

    The PAX counted off and broke out into two teams of nine men each. They took a quick mosey over to the track and the Beatdown commenced.

    100 Meter Dash: the first team of 9 stepped to the line and ran the straightaway of the track, while the 2nd team performed 30 Merkins. Once the first team got to the end of the straightaway, they performed 30 Merkins and the 2nd team ran their 100 meters. Both teams took a light jog around the curve together and repeated the same thing on the opposite side of the track. This was done 8 times, with exercises varying between Merkins (wide arm, standard, and diamond) and core (American hammers, crunchy frogs, and flutter kicks) at 30 reps each.

    The PAX completed a group plank hold for about 60 seconds to round off their time on the track.

    The Wall: in the same teams of nine, team 1 did wall chair squats while team 2 did 30+ bicep curls with assorted coupons (cinder blocks, ruck plates, dumbbells, duct taped bricks, etc.). Once team 2 finished with the curls, they hit the wall and team 1 performed curls. This was repeated with additional exercises (chest/overhead presses and btwn the leg swings).

    COT: count-o-rama, name-o-rama, know-your-six. Ticket talked about the positive impact of F3 in his life. He’s an IT professional and in reference to an IT help desk ticket, he was given the name Ticket. BOM: prayers for injured and healing PAX (Gap), the people of TX due to recent events, friends and family of PAX who are I’ll or recovering, and that we grow greater desire to seek God.

    Thanks for the opportunity to Q!


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