Timberstone Jr. High

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Date(s) - 06/13/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Timberstone Jr High



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  1. Scrooge
    Scrooge says:

    Old Favorites
    PAX: Ollie, Kitty, Commedus, Bullock, Poodle, Motorboat, Springs, Mole, Jeter, Splinter, Elena, Hedgehog, Sipe, Hacksaw, Sideshow, Mailman, Honeymoon, Scrooge,Skoal (FNG Thomas Hutchen)
    QIC Scrooge

    The Thang:
    YHC had the feeling lately we were missing out on joys of old workout movements so I decided to bring some of them back they just happened to be a lot of shoulder pain
    Started with a quick welcome to the FNG and the 5 core principles and a mosey over to the track for the start of 1-16 Jack Webbs every 100m with backwards running on the straightaways and normal running on the turns. Initially YHC thought 12 was enough but once I got out of my car this morning and got rained on I figured it was a sign from the Sky Q to go up to 16 and bring the pain. After finishing up at the track and bringing in the six we moseyed over to the school to get in some more shoulder workout.
    In honor of the Site Q’s favorite workout movements we brought back Ascending gentleman and donkey kicks and what would a stone wolf workout be without bear crawls. YHC thought we would be doing frog hops in there too but threw a last minute audible due to the grass being wet so lunges it was.
    Starting with 10 ascending gentleman we bear crawled to the parking lot and did 10 donkey kicks and then lunged back to do 9 of each and repeato. Due to time constraints YHC knew we wouldn’t be able to finish but wanted to get in a little bit more suck before the end so I called it at 6:10 and we did the COT and named our FNG Skoal due to Jeter not keeping up his end of the bargain on giving up chew. Prayer Requests for thankfulness for safety family with cancer Cooter’s house fire and celebrations of birthdays.

    Thanks again fellas for the opportunity to lead this morning. It was an honor!


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