Timberstone Jr. High

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Date(s) - 08/08/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

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Timberstone Jr High



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  1. Joe LeBlanc
    Joe LeBlanc says:

    Light It Up
    Q – Splinter
    PAX – Bagels, Link, Dollywood, Rose, Stark, Ozzie, Ollie, Hedgehog, Mole, Froman, Bullock, Poodle, Kitty, Brute, Doyt, Gap, Wake

    Mission Statement and 5 Core Principles

    Warm Up:
    Mosey over to the track and run the circuit course.

    Station 1:
    Use Mounds – Serpentine across moguls

    Station 2:
    Crawl bear up last mound at the top do 5 Leuitenant Dan’s

    Station 3:
    15 Burpees

    Station 4:
    Sprint 100m

    Station 5:
    7.5 or 10lb Weighted American Hammers x 15 (4 count)

    Station 6:
    10 WMD’s (3 is 1…wide, merkin, Diamond)

    We had 18 guys, circled up, and counted off by 9 to partner up at random.

    The purpose of this was to have a partner to push you through and work together to get through the rounds.

    I think most everyone made it through 2.5 to 3 rounds.

    We circled up with COR and NOR.

    Ozzie was our 6 and share his story about how F3 has impacted his life and helped with accountability.

    Always a pleasure to lead this group of men!



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