Timberstone Jr. High

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Date(s) - 09/05/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

The Q:

Timberstone Jr High



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  1. Joel "Bluto" Whitcomb
    Joel "Bluto" Whitcomb says:

    AO: Stonewolf

    QIC: Bluto

    PAX: Commodus, Cousteau, Mailman, Scrooge, Ollie, Gap, Ozzie, Hedgehog, Sipe, Jeter, Mole, Dirty, Deuce, Poodle, Kitty, Cogsworth, Thunder Lips, Springs, Hustle, Beaker, Coco, Box, Hacksaw, Splinter, Froman, Panama, Rose, Bogey, Bullock, Jazzy C, and Bluto.

    The Thang: So many HIM decided to show up today on a hot & humid morning. 81 degrees at 5:30am! After a quick review of the F3 principles, a brief disclaimer and checking for FNG’s(None) we moseyed over to the practice football field. The pax lined up on the goal line and we counted off in groups of 4. YHC had set up cones at each corner of the field. Group 1 started at Cone One, Group 2 at Cone Two, etc. The workout went as follows
    Cone One-20 Merkins
    Karaoke from cone one in southeast end zone to cone two in northeast end zone
    Cone Two-20 Side Straddle Hops
    Back pedal from cone two in northeast end zone to cone three in northwest end zone
    Cone Three-20 LBC
    Karaoke from cone three in northwest end zone to cone four in southwest end zone
    Cone Four-20 Klinger Kicks
    High knees from cone three in southwest end zone to cone one in southeast end zone

    At 0600 we finished this portion of the workout and lined up for some sprints. Groups 1 & 2 were captained by Mole and started on the goal line. After they ran 40 yards groups 2 & 4, captained by Sipe, stepped up to the goal line and did their sprint. We ran four 40 yard dashes and then we ran 100 yards twice to finish up. Four volunteers picked up the cones and tires and we proceeded back to the shovel flag.

    Counterama(31 HIM *New Stonewolf Record*)


    Know the six-Gap!


    Prayer intensions-Pregnancies, infertility issues, cancer diagnosis.

    Thanks for all the support today. It was an honor to Q.


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