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Date(s) - 09/26/2018
5:30 am - 6:15 am

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Timberstone Jr High



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  1. Tyson Stoll
    Tyson Stoll says:

    Title: Annie on ‘Roids
    Date: 9/26/18
    Location: Stonewolf (Timberstone Junior High School)

    Attendance: Was there and HC’d (16): Jason “Brute” Harsh, Steve “Mr. Belding” Gfell , Matt “Ollie” Britt, Ron “Sipe” Vass, Joe “Splinter” LeBlanc, Jason “Ticket” Ziegler, Jared “Mailman” Malone, Don “Sideshow” Birsen, Chris “Gap” Sellers, Greg “Modell” Braylock, Jr., Zach “rose” Robarge, Mike “Poodle” Lagge, Steve “Hedgehog” Kahan, Matt “Mole” Aston, Chris “Holth” Stutzman, Ryan “MacMurray” Gailbreath

    Didn’t HC, but was there (6): Frank “Maddog” Sabajuski (sp?), Todd “Mini” Haydock, Matt “Link” Hagan, Tony “Dirty Forty” Pedro, Ryan “Commodus” Debenedictus, Brandon “Springs” Bohland,

    Fartsack: (0)

    Total: 23

    Q: Hacksaw

    The Thang:

    100 Tricep Dips in place of pull-ups
    Run 400m
    100 Merkins
    Run 400m
    100 Big Boi Sit-ups
    Run 400m
    100 Air Squats
    Run 400m

    If time allows
    100 Pistols
    Run 400m

    Spreadsheets from the Gloom:
    Opened with 5 core principals and request if any FNG’s were present which there were none. Hacksaw then reviewed all of the movement standards. A brief overview of why distance in movements plays such a key factor in generating power by reviewing the formula P=F*d/t. The greater distance you moved in the quicker time, the more power you developed (ie. the better you got). Dips were to grab the bleacher behind you and to touch your butt to the bottom of the deck in front of the bleacher. Merkins were hand release. Big Boi sit-ups were to touch your hands behind your head and touch your hands to your feet in front of you. Air squats were to drop your hips below parallel.

    A somewhat new movement was introduced in Pistols in which you drop down in a squat position with one leg and then alternate together.

    At the start of the work, Hedgehog came off the dips amazingly fast and led for the whole workout. He cruised through all 4 movements of Annie and got to the Pistols without breaking a sweat while the rest of us were breathing right from the start of the dips.

    Several cries for continually getting lower and to keep the pace were heard throughout the PAX as everyone seemed to be in a good mood this AM with 70 degree temps.

    For COT, Sipe called out the group to get ready for winter and not to stop HL’ing guys.

    Prayer requests:
    Tiny dancer wife is pregnant but baby is not good. Looks to be multiple complications.
    Emma is on dialysis
    Coworker cancer – Cant remember who brought this up.
    Dauber’s father-in-law was in a auto accident. Everyone is ok, but shook up.

    Always an honor to serve,


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