Ruck it…let’s just ruck! (The Ruckus) – 1/23/18

QIC: Hustle

25 pax posting at The Ruckus for a good ol’ fashioned ruck, traveling about 3.5 miles on a blustery Tuesday morning: Mater, Stamper, Sipe, Jimmy Dean, Android, Ozzie, Wake, Mr. Belding, Mickey, Colonel, Danica, Froman, Rihanna, Brute, Worm, Trinity, Ollie, Hedgehog, Rose, Brita, Costanza, Cogsworth, Mayor, Honeymoon, Hustle.

‘Learn about the 6’: it was Ozzie’s turn to tell the pax what F3 means to him and how he got his name (Ozzie Newsome was a tight end for the Cleveland Browns).

Prayer intentions included Cogsworth’s wife’s friend and their child who is 17 and missing; continued healing for Rose’s wife; for Worm’s co-worker Bruce; and for the troops and their selflessness.

A huge thanks for those who posted. I am truly blessed and humbled to lead such a great group!

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