Battle Frog Royale (The Fuse) – 1/27/18

QIC – Stark
PAX – Splinter, Dollywood, Wake, Ozzie, Hoff, Trinity, Trapeze, Danica, Gadget, Mary Lou, Goose, Rihanna, Android, Poodle, Sideshow, Rose, Woodstock, Mercy, Stamper, Landslide, Spider Monkey, Nails, Worm, Ollie, FNG Josh “Lavar” Schuyler

The Thang:
YHC had to keep working on the cadence skillset in order to make our resident expert Klinger feel proud while he and some of our finest ventured East to converge with our F3 Cleveland brothers.
-Windmill Toe Touches (12X)
-Potato Pickers with a Chest Fly at end (15X)
Then we introduced the Fuse PAX to 21’s. This is an exercise invented by one of F3 Toledo’s very own (Venom). It takes the cadence unison of the group to a new level. And it is an official workout on the F3 Nation website…in fact it is the first exercise in the list.
The concept is to do 5 reps of SSH’s in cadence and then reps 6 through 21 have to be a secret silent cadence. The group must all end at same time or the penalty is 10 burpees….we did burpees. Most of the PAX was able to finish as one which is impressive considering 26 PAX in attendance. Only one or two were too excited and wanted to keep the SSH’s going.

Then YHC had to get the beats tuned in for our 9 minute Ladder up. So Splinter jumped at a chance to Lead some Flutter kicks in cadence while YHC prepped a mega mix of the King of Pop.

9 Minute AYG Ladder
4 Exercises
1.) Dancing Crab (2 is one)
2.) Plank Twists with arm in air. Add a pushup on the rotation for an “UP BUTTON”
3.) One Legged Dead Lift (2 is one)
4.) Kitty Kicks
One rep of each, then 2, and so on as high as you can go for 9 minutes. You against You. All you Got.

The Lily Pad (Take on the Iron Mountain) (approx 25 mins)
20Xs – Reverse Fly with Weights. Wanted more then do one legged bent over Reverse Fly
40Xs- Plank Tucks
60Xs – Curls With Rucks plates, grab as many as needed for fitness level
80Xs- Skiers. Add weight and hold in front if wanted to increase difficulty
100Xs – Flutter Kicks, add weight and hold above chest to increase difficulty
And then Flutter kicks again and head back down mountain.
In between each workout you had to run the short bleachers 3X’s. We had three sandbags from 40 to 60 lbs for the PAX to grab if they wanted to take it up a notch as they ran bleachers.
YHC sorely misjudged the strength of the Fuse attendance and thought he brought enough ruck plates…but the PAX were eating them up like TicTacs. So many were hustling to have the sandbags and ruck plates to add more difficulty to each set. It is impressive how strong we have become in a few short months. Next time I will have to bring 40lb plates!

Black Swamp Relay
5 Teams
60 Yards
One PAX runs at a time. While they are completing the relay the fellow team members had to hold reverse plank and could only allow one PAX to rest at a time. It was up to each team to figure out how to alternate that.
Here is where the incredibly over-complicated Black Swamp Burpee came into action. It was a burpee into a frog jump, reverse crawl back to your starting position still in plank, into a double plank tuck, double plank jack, double Merkin, jump to feet and take off. This was how each PAX had to start their run at the relay.
-Every 20 yards the PAX had to do a Bupree into a barrel roll on the down postion, jump up and finish burpee, then repeat and roll back.
After the Burpee Rolls at 20, 40, 60 yards it was a full sprint back to group.
Once each team finished they held Plank and waited for 6.
Mosey Back to Flag.

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, Trinity was the 6 and shared how F3 finally made him feel at home after 3.5 years in the Toledo area. Prior to that he struggled finding his place in our community until the F3 Toledo PAX came into his life…I think many of us can relate to how much we have connected with our community because of this group, whether you grew up in the area or are a transplant.
Prayers for the Tam family and the unexpected loss of the father of 3 kids, Mary Lou’s child, our physical and mental health for us and our families, for mothers and fathers dealing with the decision of having a child they are not prepared to have, and Rihanna.
It was a beautiful morning and a beautiful way to start the weekend. Have a great weekend gents!

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