Presidential Beatdown (The Gauntlet) – 2/19/18

The Presidential Beatdown,

Wet and wicked weather to start off the week – just the way we like it! 14 (yes, 14!) PAX posted in some of the crappiest weather we have had in a while. PAX: bambi, bourbon, buttermaker, casper, landslide, Mr. Bean, poodle, peepers, rooster, Spaulding, tupac, venom, virus, woodstock (Q)

First things first – to be president, you have to RUN for office, and its kind of a rat race. The conspiracy theorists would say presidents are handpicked line of succession. To simulate, we did an Indian run. Warm up will be a 1/4 mile or so regular run, then we will line up and Indian run around the AO. Just like running for office, we ran into some REALLY slippery spots – luckily no one was injured, but everyone was wet.

Back to where we started – 4 stations, partnered up. Thanks to PAX for fixing YHC’s inability to partner up correctly.
thang 1 – 4 stations, 45 presidents, so 45 reps is the expectation
Station 1) 45 Power merkins each (PAX 1 planks with feet on PAX 2’s back. PAX 2 does merkins, then switch) (YHC miscalculated how hard these are when using 40-50 lb 2.0’s instead of grown men)
Station 2) Colonel Trautman – PAX 1 does prescribed exercise and reps while PAX 2 does AMRAP pullups, then switch. Repeat for all prescribed exercises. Exercises were: 10 burpees, 10 diamond merkins, 10 burpees, 10 carolina dry docks, 5 burpees.
Station 3) Squerkin (partner holds your feet and squats while you push) – These really challenge your core, your timing, and your rythym. Lots of fun!
Station 4) partner carry (prox 45 yards). didnt think THIS would be the easiest part.

Thang 2 – circle up on the playground and pay homage to our government.
1) 45 monkey humpers in cadence.
2) 45 pickle pounders in cadence.
3) AT PAX’s request, knocked out 5 cadence burpees to get to 30 for Stark’s burpee challenge.
4) 45 more monkey humpers, in cadence.

Skipped planned Guantanamo due to all PAX being thoroughly soaked, smoked and out of time.

Ended in the COT, Virus was the 6 (EH credit to Tickets wife), and offered up prayers for expectant fathers, sick family members, those traveling, and that everyone stays healthy through this rain and has a great week.

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