Kitty Visits the Oasis (The Oasis) – 2/24/18

We gathered in the gloom, but ended beneath a perfect sunrise. It was cold, but warm enough that we could shed some layers after a few rounds. You can’t have a bad day when it starts like this.

• The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.
• 5 principles
• Disclaimer- reminder to modify

Light Post Lap
• Side straddle Hops (x30 in cadence)
• Quick toe touches (x30, 2 is 1 OYO)

Light Post Lap
• Jump Twists- arms straight out (x20 in cadence)
• Hands Up Merkins (x20 in cadence)

Light Post Lap
• Burpees (x20 in 6 count cadence)
• Butt Kick Squats (x20 each leg in cadence)

Light Post Lap
• Pike Presses (x20 in cadence)
• One Arm Out Merkin (x10 each arm in cadence)

Light Post Lap
• Donkey Kicks (x20 in cadence)
• Reverse LBC’s (x40 in cadence)

Light Post Lap
• Flat out Merkins (x20 in cadence)
• Hip Side Merkins (x20 in cadence)

Light Post Lap
• Dive Bombers (x20 in cadence)
• Turkish Get Ups – no arms (x10 each side OYO)

Light Post Lap
• Hop and Pop (20 each – front and back in cadence)
• Drum Circle/Leg Lift Callout (3 times around)

Light Post Lap
• ABC’s (OYO)
• Heel Taps (x30 in cadence)

Light Post Lap
• Mountain Climbers (x40 in cadence)
• Plank Twists (x20 in cadence)

Light Post Lap – empty the tank

• Count-O-Rama: 9
• Name-O-Rama: Dauber, Mayor, Simple Jack, Modell, Trinity, Gap, Hustle, Nails, and Kitty (Q)
• Know the 6: Simple Jack
• Intentions and BOM
• Prayer led by Kitty
• Announcements

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